A Tour from Venice to the Dolomites

On our last visit to Venice we decided to do a day trip to the north and visit the Dolomites area of Italy.  The grand Dolomites are an amazing UNESCO site in Italy.  With jagged mountains, green pastures and beautiful clear lakes visiting the Dolomites Italy should be on everyones bucket list item.   Our tour to the Dolomites from Venice end up being one of the best we have ever taken.

We hired a private tour company which arrived at the pick-up location near the parking station in Venice.   We soon found out that our driver Luigi was knowledgeable and very informative, so we quickly knew our tour of the Dolomites would be a good one.

I really had no idea what to expect on this Venice to the Dolomites tour. There are times we choose not to do any research before going to specific places so that we can have some surprises and get the wow factor.  This was one of those times. In fact, I actually a few weeks before going I had to ask Kevin where are the Dolomites?

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Dam in‎ ⁨Auronzo di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩
‎⁨Dam in Auronzo di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩
‎⁨Pieve di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩. Tai Chi being practiced
‎⁨Pieve di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩. Tai Chi being practiced

Where is the Dolomites?  

The Dolomites Italy are located in the North east portion of Italy.  These Northern Italy dolomites expand across the regions of Trento, Bolzano and Belluno.


How to get to the Dolomites in Italy:

Getting to the Dolomites is relatively easy.

If you are interested in touring the Dolomites you can get there by carVenice to Dolomites is approximately a two and a half hour drive. You can also get to Cortina from Venice by train and bus.

Travel to the Dolomites

Luigi helped us make decisions for our Venice to Dolomites day tripby asking what we were interested in; shopping, sites, food, history- so basically we said yes to all.  A map of the Dolomites Italy was brought out by Luigi.  His suggestions were to take in a few small towns in the Dolomitesto explore, drive through the countryside and have a nice lunch.

Kevin and I in the Dolomites near‎⁨ Cortina d'Ampezzo Ski Resort⁩, ⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Italy⁩
Kevin and I in the Dolomites near‎⁨ Cortina d'Ampezzo Ski Resort⁩, ⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Italy⁩

How high are the Dolomites?

The highest elevation is at 10,968 feet on the Mountain Marmolada.  This mountain lies between Trentino and Veneto.

Are the Dolomites part of the Alps?

The answer is yes.  If you look at a map of the Dolomites mountains you will see they are part of the same mountain range.

‎⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩ hotel
‎⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩ hotel
Street in the Town of‎ ⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩,
Town of‎ ⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩

Driving in the Dolomites

As we headed north towards the Belluno province on our Dolomites tour from Venice we learned all about the surrounding mountains, life in the area, wildlife and any questions we had were all answered.  We were able to get some great pictures of the Dolomites too.

The greenery, lakes and mountain views we saw took my breath away.  I believe we went at a perfect time, early May, the weather in the Dolomites was not to hot and flowers were all in bloom.  A spectacular day in the Dolomites.

Farra d’Alpago, Auronzo di Cadore, ‎Pieve di Cadore were some of the towns in the Dolomites Italy region we visited.  The architecture throughout the area was a mixture of Italian, Swiss and even German influence.  We came across some hotels in the Dolomites that looked like they would make beautiful accommodations for special holidays in the Dolomites Italy.

Dolomite mountains in Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Italy
Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Italy
Dolomite mountains near‎⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩
Dolomite mountains near‎⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩

Skiing in the Dolomites

Ski holidays in the Dolomites, must be a skiers dream! The 1956 Olympics were held here in Cortina.  It was very unique place to hold the Olympics because many of different events were within walking distance of each other.  Skiing the Dolomites was one of the top attractions of the 1956 Olympics.

Here are some of the best winter ski resorts in the Dolomites:

Ski Resorts in Dolomites

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Buying a home in Italy

1956 Olympics in Dolomites Italy
1956 Olympics in Dolomites Italy
‎⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo Ski Resort⁩, ⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Italy⁩
‎⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo Ski Resort⁩, ⁨Cortina d'Ampezzo⁩, ⁨Italy⁩

Other things to do in the Dolomites

Of course, some of the best things to do in the Dolomites involve outdoor activities.  As we were driving through the mountains I was really surprised to see and find out the sport of mountain biking Dolomites is so popular.  These Italian mountains are steep!  At times we came across bicyclist climbing at almost 90-degree angle!

Hiking the Dolomites is another popular activity. If you like to hike I can just imagine the views you will see, surly you will see the best of the Dolomites.

Here are some of the best hikes in the Dolomites:

The Dolomites Hiking

Here's something else to do in Italy!

Italian Cooking Class

‎⁨Misurina Lake in the Dolomites
‎⁨Misurina Lake in the Dolomites
‎⁨Auronzo di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩ mountain view
‎⁨Auronzo di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩

Final Thoughts on the Italian Mountains Dolomites

We loved our tour for the day, Venice Dolomites day trip.  Being able to customize the tour is always an extra bonus and Luigi was wonderful as a tour guide. If you have the extra funds I highly suggest the day trips you take to be a private or small group tour, you get more out of it and you have less stress. An area of Italy we had never explored, our Venice Dolomites tour was one of the best we ever experienced.  I would love to go back again to these amazing mountains to stay in beautiful resort high up, secluded and surrounded with all this magnificent beauty! And go sledding!

Our first trip to Italy

Rome- our first trip to Italy

Lake view and mountains in‎⁨Farra d'Alpago⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩
‎⁨Farra d'Alpago⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩
‎⁨Pieve di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩ with a lake view
‎⁨Pieve di Cadore⁩, ⁨Veneto⁩, ⁨Italy⁩

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