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Scotlands Skye Museum of Island Life

Scotlands Skye Museum of Island Life

The Isle of Skye is notably one of the most beautiful places in the world.  There is so much to see and experience; castles, fairy glens, waterfalls, golfing, cliffs, adventures and wildlife.  To really understand this amazing area of Scotland you should know about its history of the people.  The Isle of Skye has provided a perfect place to learn, Scotlands Skye Museum of Island Life.  This museum first opened in 1965.  They have preserved a few mid 19th century cabins that are now extremely rare for your viewing.

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Spying the Museum Cabins

One of the things I loved about the Isle of Skye in Scotland, is just driving and discovering places to explore.  All you have to have along with your map of castles in Scotland is a handy map of the Isle of Skye with you and drive the roads.  This is how we came across this Isle of Skye museum.  We just spent exploring the ruins and magnificent views of Duntulm Castle on the northeast coast and were continuing on the A855 highway of Isle of Skye.  After driving for a little bit and just admiring the nature of Isle of Skye has to offer, we spotted some unusual buildings.  Out came the map to discover there was a Skye museum out here.

Admission sign for the Isle of Skye Museum of Island Life

Scotlands Isle of Skye Museum of Island Life
Scotlands Isle of Skye Museum of Island Life
Crofters cabin and water view at the Isle of Skye Museum of Island Life
Crofters cabin and water view

History of the Cabins

There are six cabins to visit at this Isle of Skye museum.  The cabins are made of stone and have low thatched roofs with small doorways to fit inside.  When building homes on the Isle of Skye, we learned that is was extremely important to build where there were a lot of stones and near a well.  Because the Isle of Skye is a pretty much treeless land, the stones were needed to build the cabins.  The people could only count on shipwrecks and driftwood to help supply them with any type of wood.  The walls of the cabins were to be built thick to withstand the Isle fo Skye of weather, up to three feet in some homes.

The cabins inside display a different occupation or the home life.  There is the Ceilidh Home (Gaelic meaning of this word is “small homely gathering of friends”), the Croft Kitchen, a Croft bedroom, the Weavers Cottage, the Old Smithy and the Barn.  Each of these cabins are filled with authentic artifacts; clothes, books, tools, bedding, furniture.

The homes are evidence of how the people of the Isle of Skye did not worry about surrounding themselves in luxury or material things.  The cabins were built purely for shelter.

Here is a little video of the Museum on the Isle of Skye so you too can experience the Island Life.

Inside the crofters cabins at the Isle of Skye Museum of Island Life
Inside the Crofters cabin

There are so many things to do on the Isle of Skye, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to spend in this amazing area of Scotland!  

Inside the crofters cabins at the Isle of Skye Museum of Island Life
Inside the crofters cabin

Scotlands Preservation of History

The country of Scotland is truly wonderful in their efforts to preserve as much history as possible.  It makes Scotland not only one of the most beautiful places in the world but it also makes it one filled with culture and history.  As a tourist to this amazing country it is important to follow the guidelines set forth at each location, do not litter, respect the property and try your hardest to not leave a footprint 🙂  So that all tourist can continue to experience the Scottish culture.

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  • Rachelle

    December 5, 2018

    I love museums like this, where you can more fully immerse yourself in a culture and the history. I loved your video and I felt like I was driving with you on that windy road. I visited a place like this in Germany and Romania. So amazing that they exist and can offer such a different experience than other museums!

  • Michelle

    December 5, 2018

    Part of my heritage is from Scotland but we have yet to see that part of the world. Love their efforts to preserve history. We’ll be sure to visit some day!


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