Fountains around the world: Baden Baden Germany

Famous Fountains from Around the World

With Spring time present what can be more relaxing than enjoying a leisurely stroll around a beautiful fountain? Without a doubt, one of the best innovations created. Fountains date back as far as 3000 b.c. in Mesopotamia and since then they have become more and more spectacular.  These beautiful fountains are created out of all different kinds of stone.  They can be large but on the other hand they can be small. Trickle slowing with water or the water can keep a beat to music.  Water fountains can soar up high in the sky or drop down into the earth.  You can throw coins fountains for luck or a charity.  There are famous fountains and yet not so famous fountains.  Located in big cities and in small towns. So lets travel together to see some of most glorious photo’s of fountains around the world!


Lets begin with Paris France…

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Paris France Versailles Fountains
Paris France Versailles Fountains

Versailles Fountains

Versailles Fountains are one of the highlights of any visit to Versailles Palace and Versailles Gardens. Fountains and water played an important role in French gardens and King Louis XIV hired the best sculptors and artists to decorate the Gardens of Versailles. In Versailles, we find a total of 55 fountains but there are also waterfalls in some of the groves, spurts of water, and the calm surface of the water in the Water Parterre or the Grand Canal.

Another interesting feature of Versailles Fountains is how they were fed with water. Versailles is located 10 km far from the closest river, the Seine River, and 100 m above it. This big handicap was solved with the construction of an ingenious machine, which thanks to a system of noisy pumps, pumped the water up to an aqueduct. Finally, the aqueduct transported the water to the gardens by gravity. This incredible machine, called Machine de Marly, was considered at that time the eighth world wonder.

Today, Versailles Gardens and Fountains are visited by thousands of people daily. They are especially beautiful in the summertime, during the “Night Fountains Show”. Night Fountains Show is a fairy tale two hours and a half stroll in Château de Versailles’s magnificent gardens, magically illuminated, with all the fountains playing and a grand firework as the crowning point.

Contributor:  Elisa from World Of Paris

Tinguely Fountain Basel
Tinguely Fountain Basel

Off to Basel, Switzerland to visit their famous fountain!

Tinguely Fountain

The “Fasnacht-Brunnen” (Carnival Fountain), also called Tinguely Fountain after it’s creator, is one of the highlights of every Basel tour. Ten moving sculptures in a shallow pool, in constant motion day in, day out. They never stop. Regardless how bad the weather in Basel, you can always see people watching this spectacle. In winter, the sculptures freeze and a fountain worker comes along twice every day to remove the ice that can block the figures from making their movements. 

The parts of the ten different metal constructs are made from materials leftover from the theatre that stood exactly at the same place until it was destroyed by a controlled demolition in 1975. At the same time Migros, one of the big grocery store chains in Switzerland, had their 50th birthday and wanted to donate a fountain to the city of Basel. They contracted Swiss painter and sculptor Jean Tinguely who constructed the amazing fountain. It was unveiled in 1977 as a tribute to the old theatre that previously stood in the same spot. The constructs are representative of the actors in a theatre and the movements are indicative of constant interaction with one another. 

You can find this unique fountain at Theaterplatz in the old town of Basel, just in front of the new theatre.

Contributor: Tom at Trip Gourmets

Grand Cascade Fountain, Peterhof St. Petersburg Russia
Grand Cascade Fountain, Peterhof St. Petersburg Russia

Let’s now move on to Russia!

The Amazing Fountains of  Peterhof Russia

Peterhof is one of the must visit places in Russia, it’s located in a suburb and can easily be visited as a day trip from St.Petersburg. It used to be a summer residence of the Russian royal family built in as a Russian version of Versailles. Peterhof is called the fountain capital of Russia, there are hundreds of big and small fountains from trick fountains for children to impressive fountain groups.

The main and the most gorgeous fountain is the Grand Cascade in front of the Peterhof palace, one of the biggest fountain groups in the world. The Cascade consists of 75 fountains and 255 bronze sculptures located on the three level stage. The center of the composition and the main fountain is the Samson Fountain, a 3m bronze sculpture of the mythological hero Samson tear opening the jaws of a lion. A 20m jet of water shoots into the air from the opened lion’s mouth. The fountain is very symbolic, it represents a victory of Russia over Sweden (lion is a symbol of Sweden crown) in the Great Northern War. Samson represents Russia because the crucial battle was won on the Sampson’s Day and lion was an element of Swedish coat of arms.

The amazing thing about the Peterhof fountains, except their stunning beauty, is that there are no pumps involved to push water to the fountains. The water comes from the Upper Garden and the elevation difference creates enough pressure to pump water to the fountains of the Lower Garden.

Contributor: Alya at Stingy Nomads

Captian Cook Australia
Captian Cook Australia

We now can jet set over to Australia!!!

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet

The Captain Cook Memorial was built in Canberra, the Capital city of Australia in 1970 to commemorate the bicentenary of Captain James Cook’s first sighting of the east coast of Australia. The memorial includes the fountain located in the Lake Burley Griffin

With a recent renovation, the Captain Cook Memorial jet now ejects water up to 152 metres height which is 5 metres taller than the original installation. This fountain is now operational 3 hours a day from 11 AM till 2 PM every day (except for public holidays). There are different vantage points in the city to get a glimpse of this unique fountain in the lake. Since it is located at the heart of the city, it is easily accessible.

On special occasions such as Canberra Day, there are LED lightings to illuminate the fountain.

Make sure to visit it in your next trip to Canberra!

Contributor: Rohini at Why You Wander

Sharjah Fountain
Sharjah Fountain

I have always wanted to visit the Middle East….

Sharjah Fountain

Everyone knows about the world famous Dubai Fountain – but did you know that Sharjah, a city just next to Dubai, has also a lovely water fountain shows that is totally worth seeing?
Located at the Al Majaz Waterfront the Sharjah Fountain has started to entertain guests and locals since 2012.
The waterfront is one of the most popular areas to visit in the evening and though you cannot see much during the day, you can enjoy colorful and fun water shows once the sun sets.
The fountain is 220 meters wide, water shoots up to 100 meters into the air and there are several shows each day.
Depending on the season, the show starts at 7 pm and one water dances last a few minutes – if you are in the United Arab Emirates and want to enjoy a water fountain in a way more relaxed area than at Dubai Fountain this is the place to choose.
Just stand in front of the water or enjoy the view from one of the numerous restaurants and cafes. It is definitely an interesting water fountain to look at and nothing you would expect from a place like Sharjah.

Contributor: Arzo at Arzo Travels

Sultanahmet Blue Mosque
Sultanahmet Blue Mosque

Another reason to visit this part of the world…

Sultanahmet Blue Mosque

Sultanahmet is one of the most historical places on our planet: It was the main area of historic Istanbul / Constantinople, which was the capital of four different empires throughout the years. When you arrive at this place, you can literally feel the energy that lays there.

Interesting is also that most main attractions from Istanbul are located in Sultanahmet – which makes this water fountain so extremely special. The water fountain itself lies in a little green park with (in spring) many beautiful flowers. From there you have an extraordinary view on both the famous Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, which is a museum nowadays. This means that you can basically see two of the best-known landmarks from a single spot – with an amazing addition to the foreground that you see. I highly recommend visiting this place during night to enjoy the beautiful water fountain, but also the architecture, with additional lights on it.

Contributor: Michael at Michael Gerber

Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain

I love a fountain at night! 

Dubai Fountain

When you think about Dubai, you might only have one thing in mind: huge skyscrapers and glittering facades that will blow your mind. Well, this is exactly what the Emirate is all about. One of it’s prestigious features by far is the Dubai fountain. Today, it’s the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, which is set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake. It’s located in the center of Downtown Dubai and right in the commercial heart, surrounded by huge malls and authentic restaurants. The Dubai Fountain was designed by the California-based company WET Design, which is also responsible for the Bellagio Hotel Lake in Las Vegas. When visiting the fountain, you’ll be able to what 6,600 lights and 25 coloured projectors go crazy when the water of the fountain is being shot up at a height of 152,4m, accompanied by a range of classical, contemporary Arabic and world music.

A visit to the Dubai Fountain is something special. When standing in front of it, waiting for the music to begin, it feels like one is being pushed into a different world. With the music, the light, the water and the surrounding of the Dubai mall and the Burj Khalifa, this just is a truly amazing moment. Definitely one of the best things to do in Dubai!

Contributor: Anne and Clemons at Travellers Archive


Forsyth Park Fountain Savannah Georgia
Forsyth Park Fountain Savannah Georgia

The United States has some amazing and beautiful  fountains too…

Forsyth Park Fountain

I spent St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, Georgia watching the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade with my family of 6 and made sure to take a stroll through Forsyth Park to check out the famous Forsyth Park Fountain.

In celebration of the Irish heritage in Savannah, the water is turned green for the St. Patrick’s Day event. With the budding trees and flowering bushes, it was a beautiful park to visit in the Spring. The Fountain was added to the north end of Forsyth Park in 1858.

The Forsyth Park Fountain is one of the most photographed areas of the city. I must have taken several dozen photos of the green fountain while my husband worked on his laptop and the kids played at the playground nearby. With many people visiting the fountain, there should not be an issue finding someone to take a photo of you and group.

Contributor: Jill at Let’s Travel Family

Buckingham Fountain In Grant Park
Buckingham Fountain In Grant Park

Chicago is a city like no other…

Buckingham Fountain

As a kid growing up in Chicago, a trip to Buckingham Fountain was a treat, especially during hot and humid summers.  This enormous, ninety year old fountain is located in the stately Grant Park–one of the oldest public spaces in the city.  To make it even better, one can enjoy views of the fountain and Lake Michigan simultaneously.

Last September my husband, Jason, and I returned to Chicago for vacation and I was eager to take him to see this fountain.  I wondered if it would be as spectacular as I remembered as a child, and I’m delighted to say it was.  In fact it was even better.  During the summer the fountain is a popular spot for locals and visitors, so it can become quite crowded.  But on a weekday in the fall there were no crowds and we had this impressive site to ourselves.

In recent years the nearby Millenium Park and its famous “bean” sculpture have become the iconic photo spots in Chicago, but before that, Buckingham Fountain was one of the most popular photos taken in the city.  When you’re in Chicago, be sure to seek out this impressive fountain.

Contributor: Wendy at Empty Nesters Hit The Road

Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas Nevada
Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas Nevada

Now who wouldn’t want to go to Vegas!

Bellagio Fountain

One of the most famous water fountains in the world (and also one of Las Vegas’ main attractions) is the fountain show in front of the Bellagio hotel. Easily located on the famous Las Vegas strip, it’s one of the must-see’s for tourists visiting the infamous city of sin. The hotel opened its doors 1998 and quickly became well known for its beautiful water performance.

The show takes place every 30 minutes in the afternoon and every 15 minutes in the evening. It is choreographed to several famous songs, such as „Viva Las Vegas“ and „Time to Say Goodbye“. While the Bellagio hotel is one of Las Vegas’ most luxurious and expensive hotels, it’s obviously free for everyone to enjoy and watch the shows! Therefore, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss when visiting Las Vegas.

Contributor: Patrick at German Backpacker

Montjuic Fountain Barcelona Spain
Montjuic Fountain Barcelona Spain

Back to Europe to visit some more famous fountains…

Montjuic Fountain

Montjuic Magic Fountain in Barcelona is a spectacular must see fountain and has been since 1929. At the foot of the National Museum of Art of Catalunya it is truly magical and simply stunning. Mixing water, light and music the fountain mesmerises crowds 10 months of the year. The fountain show is free and the atmosphere is lovely, but do get there early. The crowds start growing about 3 hours before the show commences. But when it does, it is really impressive with 3,620 water jets shooting the water shooting high into the air from the 3,100,000 litre capacity pool. Montjuic is Barcelona’s largest ornamental water fountain and operates on recycled water to save water. As the sun sets, settle in to watch the impressive spectacle where 2,600 litres of ground water per second flow through three pools, lit with coloured LED technology, choreographed to music.

Contributor: Lyn and Steve at A Hole In My Shoe

Bucharest Fountains Downtown
Bucharest Fountains Downtown

These fountains must be so amazing to see…

The Downtown Bucharest Fountains 

The beautiful fountains of downtown Bucharest are located in Unirii Square, where the old city center, the Palace of the Parliament and a large intersection of important boulevards are also situated. Thanks to this, it is impossible to miss them when you visit the capital of Romania.

The fountain is actually made up of over 20 fountains that stretch across the Unirii Boulevard, from the Palace of the Parliament to the National Library of Romania.

The central and largest of them is called Bucur Fountain. It was named after the shepherd Bucur, and the legend says this shepherd has laid the first bases of the Romanian capital.

The fountains are paved with colorful mosaic and look very beautiful seen from above.

During the cold season they are stopped, but in the spring and summer, the fountains beautifully decorate the city center. During the evening, the fountains have different colors.

Contributor: Bella at Whisper Wanderlust


Baden Baden city Fountain
Baden Baden city Fountain


One from me…

Augustaplatz Square Fountain

As you probably already gathered, I have a love for all fountains, famous fountains and not so famous.  As we all know, traveling can be hectic and stressful at times. However you can pretty much count on turning a corner in a piazza or a town square and find a fountain.  Just feel all of your anxiety disappear.

I have visited many towns in Europe, adore them all but Baden Baden Germany is one of those towns in Germany that is right out of a story book.  In the center of Baden Baden’s old section is Augustaplatz Square.  The perfect spot to just relax and enjoy the sounds of the fountains that surround you. Baden Baden has many fountains throughout the city and in the adjacent park Lichtentaler Allee.  Unfortunately, I could not find any history on the fountains in the square.  Oh well, I will need to go back.  Possibly, hire a tour guide, one of the horse drawn carriage tours.  Granted, I always leave an excuse to return to a destination I love!

Contributor: Sherrie at read more here


I saved this one for last. This fountain is my very favorite and no matter how many time I see it (8 times as of now) I stare in awe…

Trevi fountain in Rome Italy
The Trevi fountain in Rome Italy

The Famous Fountain: Trevi Fountain 

In the heart of the Eternal City sits one of the most famous and beautiful fountains in the world – Trevi. Even though it is one of the oldest water sources in Rome, dating back to 19 BC, the looks of the fountain we have today is a work of the Roman architect Nicola Salvi who won the rights to design Trevi in 1730.

The most famous thing about the fountain is the tradition of tossing coins in it. It dates back to ancient Roman times, when, to please the God of the sea and ensure safe return home, Romans threw coins into the water. If you want to come back to Rome, make sure to flip a coin with your right arm, over your left shoulder. Few people know that if you throw a second coin, you will fall in love with an Italian and a third one means you will marry the Italian you met with your previous coin.

Around 3000 euro are collected on a daily basis from Trevi, all of them are donated to charity.

Contributor:  Slavi at Global Castaway

The Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy
The Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy

In Conclusion: Famous Fountains Around the World

Thank you for stopping by and reading, I hope you enjoyed the photos too!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed, you are inspired to jump in a plane, train or car to discover something new.  

Additionally, this was my first collaboration with other travel bloggers    I would love to thank all the wonderful and inspiring travel bloggers who contributed to this article.  Thank you all for taking us on a journey around the world with your spectacular photo’s of  fountains! 

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