Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world:

Flowers and Gardens Around the World

Finally, it’s summer time! Moreover, it’s been a long, cold wait for several places throughout the world.  Indeed, with summer comes colorful flowers, green shrubs fountains and lush lawns.  Throughout the world when summer finally arrives, signals the time to display the beauty in gardens, mountain sides, valleys and just everywhere! .  Therefore, I would love to share with you some of the most beautiful, unique and best flowers and gardens around the world! With some generous help from amazing travel writers who travel the globe. Together we are going to bring right to your computer, tablet and/or cell phone; 50 of the most beautiful flowers and gardens around the world!

Flowers and Gardens around the world
Blue Flower

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The Isles of Lake Maggiore Northern Italy

My husband Kevin and I have been very fortunate to travel to many places throughout the world.  Each destination that we venture to we try and learn about the area which includes their vegetation.  Gardens especially are fun to experience when they have different climates, soil, and/or terrain.  You never know what you will see!  One of our favorite areas to visit for their gardens is the islands in Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy.  Isola Madre, Rocca di Angera and Islo Bella have so many flowers and greenery you do not know where to look first.  Also seeing the islands from the water is an impressive view with all the statues and colors reflecting off the water.  Not to mention, as you wander the islands you will be viewing peacocks who roam, not only your colorful ones but pure white peacocks too!      

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St. James Park: London, England

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: St. James Park, London

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: St. James Park, London

St James’s Park is one of the Royal Parks for which London is famous. It’s in the most central location of the Royal Parks, situated next to the grand royal processional route, The Mall, which runs between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, with the Horseguards Parade ground, Whitehall government ministries and Parliament Square all very close by.

St. James is one of the most beautiful parks in London, with a lake and views to Buckingham Palace, hundreds of wild waterfowl and a few pelicans presiding over an island at one end.

It’s especially beautiful in spring and summer, when the many flower beds bloom into colourful life. The bright yellow daffodils are the first to make an appearance, carpeting the ground above the lake (and also across the road in Green Park, right in front of Buckingham Palace).

As these die back in April they are followed by an array of tulips, and then a gorgeous display of summer flowers. The most popular photo opportunities in St James’s Park are at the Whitehall end, where the grand white buildings of Horseguards Parade make a wonderful backdrop.

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Lavender Fields: Provence, France

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Lavender fields in Provence, France

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Lavender in Provence, France

The lavender fields in Provence, France make for a lovely summer getaway. The little villages are so charming and whimsical, and there are so many fields that even though it’s a popular tourist attraction, they don’t feel particularly crowded. Lavender season runs from mid-June until mid-July and various fields bloom based on elevation.

The most famous and popular ones are in Valensole and Sault. It’s perfect to fly into Marseilles, rent a car, and self-drive to them. Beginning at Abbey Cenaque, meandering through Sault, and finishing for sunset at Valensole, which is the most famous and most-photographed lavender field. One to two days is perfect to devote to the lavender, tasting lavender ice cream and enjoying delicious French food!

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Joshua Tree National Park: Southern California, USA

Flowers and gardens around the world; Joshua Tree National Park

Flowers and gardens around the world: Joshua Tree National Park

One of the unique aspects of Joshua Tree National Park, located in Southern California, United States, is the Cholla Cactus Garden. It’s a short .25 miles nature walk with over 10 acres of the cholla cacti and wildflowers. This is the only area in the park that has the highest density of this type of cacti. To get to the garden, visitors need to drive over 12 miles south from the north entrance of the park. It’s a one-way curvy road, so go early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid potential traffic.

The garden has a designated walking path for visitors. Enjoy the awesome view of the garden with the Colorado desert landscape in the backdrop. It’s a picturesque place for sunset photos. It’s recommended to not stray from the path and not to bring pets. The cacti are also known as the “jumping cholla” and “teddy bear cholla.” They have cute names and look fuzzy but the spikes hurt! The cacti detaches and clings or “jumps” on to clothes, shoes, skin, or anything passing by. We had a cholla jump onto one of our hiking boots and needed tweezers to pull it off. Truly, this place is worth the extra drive if visiting Joshua Tree National Park.

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Yoshikien Garden: Nara, Japan

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Yoshikien Garden in Nara Japan

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Yoshikien Garden in Nara Japan

Beautiful Yoshikien Garden in the ancient city of Nara in Japan is actually three gardens in one. It contains a water garden, a moss garden and a tea ceremony garden.  The gardens are located within the famous Nara Park with its wandering tame deer.  Despite being in such a busy location, the gardens are quiet and peaceful and quite hidden away from the Nara crowds. 

The garden was named for the Yoshikien River that flows nearby. It contains a teahouse with the classic thatched roof and was originally the home of the high priest of a nearby temple.  Now here is a place where a deep thinker can get in some serious meditation.

To point out, what I found unique about this bucolic place is the moss garden. You rarely see a garden dedicated to moss, yet the contrasting green colors and the stone lanterns were so artfully positioned as to be memorable.  The water garden is also interesting in that it represents the classic elements of a Japanese garden; water, earth, stone, plants and raked gravel.  The positioning of the elements creates a soothing and peaceful feeling. 

As lovely as I found this garden to be in the spring, I was told that the fall foliage was the most spectacular season and the best time to view the garden.  It is also important to note that the garden is closed during winter.  The Yoshikien Garden is only a short walk from the Kintetsu Nara Station and is open 9am to 5pm. We were surprised at the entrance to learn that admission is free for foreign tourists. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in Nara.

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Tulips: Ottawa, Canada

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Tulips in Ottawa Canada

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Canada Ottawa Tulips

When it comes to spring tulips, most people head to the Netherlands. However, in Ottawa, Canada, you can also find gorgeous tulips of all colours during the annual Ottawa Tulip Festival in May.

Ottawa’s Tulip Festival came about after Canada sheltered the Dutch Queen and her family during WWII. During this time, the Queen was pregnant. However, she couldn’t give birth to an official Dutch prince or princess unless he/she was born on Dutch soil. So, Ottawa declared the hospital room where the Queen gave birth as Dutch soil so a true Dutch Princess could be born. As a thank-you, the Netherlands have sent Ottawa thousands of tulip bulbs every year since. There are over one million tulips planted across Ottawa, with several spots to see them.

Tips for your visit:

Visiting the gardens for Ottawa’s Tulip Festival is free, and many of the gardens are in central, picturesque areas that are easy to get to, walk around, and take photos. Some of the biggest displays can be found on Commissioners Hill, around Dow’s Lake, and around the Rideau Canal.

Ottawa’s Tulip Festival runs for 10 days every may around the Victoria Day Weekend. It’s most crowded on weekends, so for quieter times with fewer people try to visit on a weekday and in the morning before people have lunch breaks or visit in the afternoon.

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Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden: Hobart, Australia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden in Australia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Australia Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

One of my favorite gardens in the world is the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden. On the banks of the Derwent River just steps from downtown Hobart, the RTBG is a 13+ hectare delight.  On our visit, the views of the Derwent River along with the well-manicured gardens pleased both young and old.

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden has all of the features one would expect. A big hit with the children was the Lily Pond and her resident ducks.  Of particular interest to me was the Subantarctic Plant House. Plants are from the islands in high southern latitudes, like Macquarie Island. They are displayed with fogs and mists to show the cold conditions of their home. Before visiting, I hadn’t heard of Macquarie Island.

Another favorite was the abundance of local flora.  The Tasmanian plants made me homesick for the Australia that I love- and I hadn’t even left yet.

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens do not charge an entrance fee.  I’m sure after exploring this treasure, you’ll want to leave a donation.

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Wild flower Vicia Tenuifolia: Crete, Greece

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: wild purple Vicia tenuifolia on Island of Crete Greece

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Vicia tenuifolia on Island of Crete Greece

While in Crete, we ventured on a fabulous jeep tour of the island.  Including, traveling through the mountains on rugged roads. While on this 9 hour tour we came across many gorgeous views.  However, what made these views even more special were the lovely flowers.  All of a sudden, flowers were everywhere!  In all colors just growing wild!

The purple Vicia Tenuifolia is a wild flower that covers the plateaus, Mountain Kedros and the White Mountains of Crete.  Also known also as Dalmatica, the perennial blooms in May and June.   The goats of Crete, famously known for finding them in trees, love to eat the Vicia Tenuifolia too.  For this reason, you need to catch the stunning site before they goats have a chance to gobble everything up!

Overall, our trip to Crete was a wonderful experience, definitely an island that we both would love to return to someday too!

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Golden Gate Park: San Francisco, California USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: San Francisco Golden Gate statue with flowers

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is a fantastic place to visit for garden lovers or visitors just looking for some open space and places to visit outside of the urban areas of the city. There’s so much to see in the park with beautiful landscape to explore. Some of these popular attractions include: the Japanese tea garden, the botanical garden, the glass conservatory and desert landscapes. There is also the rose garden, the windmill garden, Stowe Lake and there’s even a Shakespeare garden to enjoy.  Check out more beautiful images and places to visit on my Golden Gate Park post.  It will give you inspiration to visit all these wonderful gardens in San Francisco from spring to fall season.

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Botanical Gardens: Nilgiris, India

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Botanical Gardens in Niligris India

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Botanical Gardens in Niligris India

When I think of flowers and gardens, it reminds me of the famous botanical gardens in Ooty, Nilgiris the best in South India.  It is rated number one due to the presence of unique species of flowers and trees in the garden. The garden is the biggest in South India and is famous for keeping some amazing and unique flowers not found anywhere in the territory. The garden is located in the heart of the town situated amidst of hills and mountains serving as one of the best romantic gateways in the region. One needs to purchase an entry ticket of Rs 100 per individual to gain entry into the gardens.  From there it is required to transcend a total distance of about 2 or 3 kms to transcend entire garden. It takes about an hour to make and plan a complete sojourn inside the garden with family and friends.

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Sofia City Garden: Sofia, Bulgaria

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Sofia City Garden

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Sofia City Garden

The Sofia City Garden is one of the most important things to do in Sofia, Bulgaria  Situated in the center of town in front of the Ivan Vazov theater, the city garden fills up with Bulgarians every spring through autumn. Young and old alike come out to have picnics and enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants. It’s great to have a bit of nature in the middle of the city, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money at an outdoor cafe to enjoy having a drink or a meal outdoors. If you decide you don’t want to bring your own picnic, there are several outdoor cafes, food stands, and pop up bars to enjoy as well.

While the fountains and patios of the garden are filled up with people, there are also beautiful flower gardens and large trees to enjoy. At Christmastime, this is where the city of Sofia has it’s annual German Christmas Market. On Saturday nights, locals come out to participate in traditional Bulgarian folk dances. Tourists can come and learn how to do the dances, too! If you want to further explore Sofia’s gardens and parks, check out Boris Gradina and South Park. Sofia is a city of people who love to have any excuse to come and socialize together outdoors.

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Val di Non: Trentino, Northern Italy

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Val Di Non Trentino region of Italy

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Val Di Non region, Trentino Italy

If you’re a fan of flowers, you can’t miss the beautiful Val di Non in Trentino, Northern Italy. This region is one of the best kept secrets in Italy, less famous than its neighbors of Veneto and Sudtirol but equally lovely, and with far fewer tourists. It’s especially beautiful in late spring / early summer, when the wildflowers are in full bloom. When I visited in early May, I saw gorgeous blue crocuses, white wildflowers, and tons of red poppies on mountain tops and by lakesides.  But even more beautiful, I managed to catch the tail end of the apple blossoms, which bloom for just a brief week or two in late spring. When I got there, the apple blossoms at lower altitudes had already come and gone. However, the ones in the highest apple orchards were still abloom with beautiful white and slightly pink flowers.

Besides the wildflowers and apple blossoms, Val di Non is beautiful with its sloping orchards and fields, its gorgeous blue and turquoise lakes, its countless castles (the most of any region in Italy!).  It also has its very own section of the beloved Dolomites, the Brenta Dolomites. Visit Val di Non and see a slice of the real Italy without all the tourists.

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Andes Flowers: Papallacta, Ecuador

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Beautiful Andres flowers in Ecuador

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Andes Flowers in Papallacta Ecuador

Papallacta Ecuador, about an hour outside of Quito, Ecuador, is home to some of the world’s most unique and beautiful tropical flowers. The town of Papallacta and its famous hot spring pools at Hotel Termas de Papallacta Ecuador are perched high in the Andes Mountains. The whopping elevation of 10,800 feet (3,300 meters) and rainy, tropical climate make for the perfect growing conditions for many unique tropical flowers. In comparison, Denver, Colorado is a mere 5,400 feet (1,645 meters).

Though the Termas de Papallacta Ecuador hot springs are wonderful for a soak, the the expansive grounds around the resort are more than enough reason to visit Papallacta.

The grounds are overflowing with tropic plants and flowers, and carefully cultivated to showcase the unique vegetation. Red Angel’s Trumpet flowers hang outside every cabin. Hummingbird feeders and orchids, including the unique monkey faced orchid, hang from trees (Ecuador has more than 4,000 species of orchid alone). Flowers are everywhere along the winding paths, with bursts of reds, yellows, corals, purples and shocking pink on display.

If you’re lucky, you’ll capture a glimpse of animals native to the high Andes, including the mountain tapir, pikas, the spectacled bear, hummingbirds, butterflies, and even even a small native wild cat called the Pampas cat.

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Wanaka Lavender Farm: South Island, New Zealand

Famous gardens around the world; wanaka Farms New Zealand

Flowers and gardens around the world; Wanaka Farms New Zealand

I always wanted to go to a lavender farm, but I thought it would be in the south of France rather than the South Island of New Zealand. When we stumbled upon the gorgeous setting of the Wanaka Lavender Farm in January, with fields of bright purple lavender against a backdrop of the dry southern hills. It was more than I could have hoped for. The farm is family-owned and operated. It  includes 10 acres of carefully cultivated lavender fields and flower displays. There is also a beautiful shop and tea room selling lavender and honey products, and some fields for animals too.

The best time to visit the lavender farm and see the lavender in full bloom is from mid-December until March. Outside of that time you can still see other beautiful flowers in the gardens, autumn trees, and in the winter, snowcapped mountains surrounding the area. It’s only $5 entry in the lavender season and $2 entry outside of that, so well worth the price! Walking through the lavender was a wonderful experience. The smell is lovely and although there are bees everywhere, they’re much more interested in the lavender and don’t bother you at all. If you’re ever in Wanaka, be sure to stop by the lavender farm!

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Monet’s Garden: Giverny, France

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Monet Gardens in Giverny France

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Monet Gardens in Giverny France

One of the most beautiful gardens in Europe is located in the village of Giverny around one hour north of Paris. Monet fell in love with Giverny as he passed by on a train in 1883 and ended up living there for 43 years. Having visited the quaint little village, it’s easy to understand why.

Monet’s Gardens are an explosion of colour and greenery and are wonderful to experience in full bloom. The gardens are home to the famous waterlily pond immortalised in many of Monet’s paintings and the Japanese Bridge. The bridge is surrounded by weeping willows, was inspired by Monet’s love of Japanese prints.

The house in which Monet lived still stands on the grounds and visitors to the gardens can also explore the house. It consists of his bedroom, that of his wife, a sitting room, a pantry, his studio, a kitchen and dining room and the furniture remains as it did when he lived there. Monet decorated the house and it’s fascinating to see his tastes reflected in the decor.

The gardens are best visited from April to October when they are at their finest and are an incredible opportunity to see Monet’s work come to life.

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Chicago Botanic Gardens: Chicago, Illinois USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Botanical Gardens in Chicago Illinois, USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Chicago Botanic Gardens

One of my favorite escapes from the bustling city is the Chicago Botanic Garden. It’s an unexpected oasis in the northern suburb of Glencoe, and its 385-acres are filled with more than two and a half million plants representing over 10,000 varieties. The Garden is one of only seventeen public gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums, making it a living museum. It boasts 27 gardens and four natural areas on nine islands, with six miles of shoreline and a total of 385 acres. It’s a resource for research, with the 125,000-volume Lenhardt Library, as well as several laboratories. They also offer several classes suited for people of all ages and interests.

There is always something happening at Chicago Botanic Gardens. From story time for kids to wine tastings to garden walks to plant sales to farmers markets, their calendar is full. The summer is especially packed, with Summer Evenings concerts Mondays through Thursdays. These concerts are the only time you can spread out a blanket and have a picnic.

Fees and how to get there:

Chicago Botanic Garden itself is free, but there’s a fee to park. You can avoid that by taking a Metra train to Braeside Station and walking to the Garden. If you get off at the Glencoe Metra station both a trolley and a Pace bus will get you there. The trolley runs on Sundays in the summer and is $2 per person. You can also ride a bike, one of my favorite ways to get to the Garden. The North Branch Trail runs right up to the entrance. If you get a membership not only can you park for free, you’ll also get admission to 270 botanic gardens and arboreta across the country, including Morton Arboretum in the western suburb of Lisle.

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MauiAli’i Kula Lavender Farm: Maui, Hawaii USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui Hawaii

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui Hawaii

The Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm lies in the midland altitudes along the road to the extinct Haleakala volcano crater. It makes the perfect pit stop between the coast, where you are most likely staying as a tourist and the volcano crater, whose other-worldly landscapes you most definitely should not miss seeing. Lying on the slopes of an extinct volcano is certainly one thing that makes the gardens unique. As well as being mostly dedicated to just one kind of very versatile plant. I didn’t even know there were 45 varieties of lavender! Lavender is actually not native to Maui, but the climate turns out to be ideal for the lavender. So the 55,000 or so plants on the farm bloom year-round. But there is more to see than just lavender.

A variety of tropical blooming plants are arranged in gardens and along pathways you can meander around or walk through on a guided tour. I personally did not take one, but there are tours, children’s activities, gourmet picnic lunches and craft classes available to book. This is one of the very few places where I highly recommend not missing the gift shop! You will find tons of lavender products for every bath, body and aromatherapy need, as well as an astonishing variety of culinary products. Be sure to take time for tea and scones at the cafe, and enjoy the sweeping views of the coastline and ocean 4,000 feet below you.

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Godavari Botanical Garden: Nepal

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Nepal Godavari Botanical Garden

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Nepal Godavari Botanical Garden

If you think all Nepal has to offer are chaotic traffics, overpopulated city and Himalaya mountains, you’re so wrong. Though all the mentioned exist in the country, there’s one thing people always missed out, or didn’t even thought that it existed in such country.

Yep, that’s Godavari Botanical Garden.

19km south of the capital Kathmandu, lies an otherworldly beautiful green and well-managed botanical garden. Entering into the compound makes you question yourself whether you’re still in Kathmandu.

Spanning over 72 hectares of land and over 500 species of plants, Godavari Botanical Garden is often the top choice for locals for a weekend getaway from the hassled Kathmandu. During the spring season, hundreds of thousands of flowers bloom in the compound along with Rhododendron arboretum, the national flower of Nepal.

Godavari Botanical Garden is reachable within an hour from Ratna Park near Thamel, Kathmandu. The bus fare is Rs50 for one-way trip. However if you prefer a taxi trip, the fare is around Rs500 ($5) for one way.

The Botanical Garden is highly recommended for those who have extra time staying in Kathmandu. Be prepared to spend a half-day there along with some lunch boxes, as you’re not likely to find any food vendors there inside the garden. It’s a perfect place for lunch picnic!

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Glenwhan Gardens: Rhins of Galloway, Scotland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Glenwhan Gardens, Rhins of Galloway Scotland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Glenwhan Gardens, Rhins of Galloway Scotland

The stunningly beautiful Glenwhan Gardens are situated in the Rhins of Galloway in the south west of Scotland, an area famed for its many tropical gardens thanks to the relatively mild climate.  The thing that makes Glenwhan Gardens so special is that it has all been developed by one woman who has totally transformed the wild plot since she first began working on it in 1979.

Today it is an oasis of colour, with hidden sculptures, walking trails, lily topped ponds and stunning sea views.  The whole place has a very magical feel and it easy to believe you have stepped in to another world.   A resident peacock and guinea fowl just add to the magic and numerous benches provide a place to rest and soak up the tranquillity.  Beyond the manicured gardens is a wilder 17 acre moorland walk, with 120 species of wildflowers, grasses, and ferns.  This beautiful walk gives you an idea of what the entire site looked like before the gardens were planted.

If walking around has helped build up an appetite then the on-site tearoom will sort that out with their range of fresh local food, including salad and vegetables grown in the garden, and a range of home baked cakes.

If you really don’t want to leave then you can also book to stay at the cute Shepherd’s Hut like I did.  The hut is tucked away in a private part of the garden and the bonus of staying over is having the gardens all to yourself after the public have left for the day.

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Spring Wild Flowers:  Hill Country, Texas USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world:Texas Bloom Flowers in Texas, USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Texas Bloom Flowers in Texas, USA

Spring in Hill Country in Texas is world of wildflowers. Bluebonnets, red Indian Paintbrush, yellow buttercups, pink evening primrose, red cedar sage, Texas yellow star and purple giant spiderwort are just a few of the flowers that bloom. Wildflowers were planted along the state highways so you start seeing the flowers as you drive to Hill Country.

We drove through the 2 hour Willow City scenic loop but there are many other places and loops to see flowers. Stop at a cafe or store in Hill Country and asl the locals. They will tell you the very best spot to see the wild flowers.

Timing is everything. The Bluebonnet arrive first in Mid-March and the rest follow in early April. Of course, this could vary by a week or two, particularly if it is unseasonably warm or cold. You can call the Texas Department of Transportation Wildflower Hotline. They can tell you when the flowers are blooming: 800-452-9292.

Interested in bringing some of these flowers home? Wild Seed Farms in Fredericksburg is a large nursery and garden shop which we stopped in to buy wildflower seeds. They also have beautiful gardens and a butterfly area.

Hill Country is an easy day trip from Austin, Texas by car. It was 150 miles round trip, including a stop at Salt Lick for BBQ in Driftwood. We also stopped at a vineyard for a wine tasting.  We also drove through Johnson City (President Johnson’s birth place). Hill Country is crowded on weekends.

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Fitzroy Gardens: Melbourne, Australia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory Melbourne, Australia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory Melbourne, Australia

On a recent trip to Melbourne in the southern state of Victoria in Australia, I was fortunate to stay in a hotel that overlooked the glorious Fitzroy Gardens.

As you meander along the paths that criss-cross the gardens, they reveal many hidden secrets. There is the historic Captain Cook’s Cottage, the carved Fairies Tree, the model Tudor Village, the Art Deco style conservatory, a myriad of fountains and statues, and shady avenues of grand trees.

Cook’s Cottage is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Melbourne. Originally located in Yorkshire, England, and built by the parents of Captain James Cook. The cottage was relocated to Melbourne, with each brick individually numbered, packed into barrels and then shipped to Australia.

Visitors can enter the cottage for a small price to see the interior with its antique furnishings and memorabilia, a delightful English cottage garden and volunteers dressed in 18th century costumes.

The miniature Tudor Village, situated in the centre of the Gardens, was modelled in cement by an English hobbyist. The village is composed of various thatched cottages, a village church, school, hotel, and other buildings. Also included is a scale model of Shakespeare’s home and Anne Hathaway’s cottage. It’s so pretty and quaint.

As you can see this green heart in the centre of Melbourne is so much more than a garden. It’s a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and also has some interesting attractions.

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Botanical Gardens: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Botanical Gardens in Amsterdam Netherlands

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Botanical Gardens in Amsterdam Netherlands

While in Amsterdam this spring we took a photography tour (read here)to learn more about our cameras and how to use them.  I chose to take this tour at the Amsterdam Botanical Gardens for two reasons. One I really wanted to see these gardens. Two what better way to experiment with your camera than with flowers!

Upon entering you realize you have discovered a beautiful oasis in the middle of a very busy city.  But like all things in Amsterdam you are not surprised for this city knows how to connect with nature on every level.  There are outdoor areas with colorful flowers and interesting shrubbery that I have not seen before.  As shown in the photograph there is also indoor spaces.  The indoor spaces are quite warm and humid to imitate the tropics.

One of the greenhouses, which was my favorite, is full of butterflies that land on you.  Beautiful species in all different colors to enjoy.  After exploring the gardens, there is a nice cafe to have some coffee, wine or beer with some treats.   We learned a lot about our cameras, while enjoying a lovely day in the Amsterdam Botanical Gardens.

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Flower Dome: Singapore

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Flower Dome Singapore

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Flower Dome in Singapore

Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world, and one of the must visit places in Singapore if you enjoy beautiful flowers. In this enchanting garden you can see various themes throughout the year. Filled with flowers and plants from all around the world, all the way from mediterranean to semi-arid regions.

It’s a true wonder for any flower-lover and it was listed in the Guiness world records back in 2015. The Flower Dome is located next to the Cloud Forest at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. It’s a short walking distance from Marina Bay, and it’s also possible to get a shuttle bus from there.

If you don’t stay close to Marina Bay, I suggest to take the Metro or an Uber/Grab as they’re quite cheap in Singapore, especially if you’re more than 2 people sharing.

I was here during pumpkin season and halloween, and as you see from the photos it’s quite nicely decorated and themed for the seasonal event. Walking inside the Flower Dome is like entering a green and colorful world.

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Jardim Botânico: Rio De Janerio, Brazil

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world:Orchids in Brazil Rio De Janeiro

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world:Orchids in Brazil Rio De Janeiro

If you ever find yourself in the tropical streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you will probably catch a glimpse of the amazing orchid gardens growing right on the trunks of the trees. It has become custom for the local Brazilians to replant their orchids, once the petals have shed, on the trees that line the streets.

When the flowers have died, the locals will tie the plant, pot included, with a nylon cord to the trunks of the trees that crowd the sidewalk. After time the roots of the orchid grow out and attach themselves to the bark. Latching on and surviving from the nutrients inside the tree itself, like a parasite.

You can see the phenomena in most of the Zona Sul neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, especially in Ipanema and Leblon. As well as orchids, there are many other parasitic plant life such as bromelias, that dangle from the branches of the trees creating a jungle like atmosphere!

After wandering the streets of Rio you can top it off by heading to the Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden) that houses an impressive greenhouse dedicated to orchids. The garden dates back to the imperial empire of Brazil and offers a peaceful retreat from the buzz of the city. If you are lucky you will even see monkeys hanging outside the orchid greenhouse.

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Kensington Gardens: London, England

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Kensington Gardens London, England

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Kensington Gardens London, England

Covering 265 acres in central London, Kensington Gardens is one of the highlights of any visit to the British capital. Once part of Hyde Park, the gardens were incorporated into the grounds of Kensington Palace when it was built in the 18th century. Today, Kensington Gardens is a series of formal gardens, open spaces and waterways that are a summer favourite of Londoners. It’s easily reached by several tube stops including – Lancaster Gate & Queensway (Central Line), Bayswater (District Line) and High Street Kensington(Circle and District Lines)

The Palace has its own series of formal gardens that are open to the public. The Sunken Gardens feature paving and ornamental flower beds around a large pond. In summer, this garden is bursting with colour from the seasonal geraniums and begonia. It is here where you can walk in the footsteps of royalty. Queen Victoria was born at the palace and it was the former home of Diana Princess of Wales.

Other highlights of Kensington Gardens include the Albert Memorial and the ornate Italian Gardens featuring Carrara marble fountains. You can also visit the Peter Pan statue made in homage to the book of the same name by J.M. Barrie, part of which was set in the gardens. If you visit the park with children don’t miss the Diana Memorial Playground, one of the best children’s playgrounds in London.

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Burg Hulshoof Munster: Havixbeck, Germany

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Burg Hulshoof Munster Havixbeck Germany

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Burg Hulshoof Munster Havixbeck Germany

Burg Hülshoff, in Havixbeck, Germany is a simple moated castle that was once the home of one of Germany’s most noted writers, Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.  But, Burg Hülshoffis also known for for it’s lovely gardens.

It was the writer’s father, Clemens August, who began the ornamental landscape surrounding the moat at Burg Hülshoff.  He imported a number of exotic trees, including cypress, tulip and trumpet trees, beginning areas called the summer wood and the winter wood.  Two centuries later, many of these trees still thrive.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the pavilions and flower beds were added to the grounds, with a mixture of shrubs, perennials and roses.  Today the entire castle grounds is cultivated to a park-like setting. Filled with grassy lawns and walking paths that pass through groves of decorative trees and lush flower beds.  Neatly pruned shrubbery and potted plants line areas adjacent to the castle.

Locals often come to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and an annual decorative gardening fair attracts thousands.  Visitors come from around Germany to see both the castle and gardens. We planned to tour both on our visit. Even though it was very early spring, and few of the flowers were blooming, we enjoyed exploring the gardens so much that we never made it into the castle.

Burg Hülshoffis located in the town of Havixbeck, about 18 km west of Münster, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.  Entrance to the castle grounds and gardens is free, but there is a charge to tour the castle and museum.

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Bryant Park: Kodaikanal, India

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Bryant Park Abby in Kodaikanal, India

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Bryant Park Abby in Kodaikanal, India

Bryant Park in India is a botanists paradise. It’s also a paradise for lovers or beauty and nature. The park is filled with over 700 species of flowers and over 300 species of plants and shrubs. This 20 acre park is home to a number of exotic species that visitors are not even allowed to photograph. Those species are housed in the greenhouse. The other species can be photographed at will, and at any given time you can see groups of people posing next to a variety of flowers and plants.

Bryant Park in Kodaikanal is situated in the Palani Hills about 3 to 4 hour drive from the nearest airports of Coimbatore or Madurai. Taxis are available at the airport. It’s best to stay overnight in Kodaikanal for a day or two as there are a few more local attractions. Situated close to the Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park is open throughout the day and the entrance fee is minimal.

The varieties of flowers in bloom here are a pleasure to the eyes, while the uphill and downhill pathways are a pleasure to walk. Except on weekends! On weekends, it’s super crowded and feels almost like a market. So make sure you visit during the week. 😉

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Alaskan Fireweed: Alaska USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Alaskan Fireweed In Alaska United States

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Alaskan Fireweed In Alaska United States

Have you ever imagined what it would look like if an entire mountain side caught fire? In Southeast Alaska, every summer, the Fireweed flowers bloom and set the mountains ablaze. Now we’re not talking about the kind of fire-weed you might stick in a pipe and smoke, no… this bright pink wild flower blooms extremely well in areas affected by wildfires.

Our first encounter with all things Fireweed was in Skagway, nicknamed “The Garden City of Alaska”. Skagway has a fairly short growing season, but with almost 20 hours of sunlight around the summer solstice, plants flourish. Things just seem to shoot up from the earth, and one day, meadows of Fireweed plants will just appear. Everything from Fireweed honey to Fireweed beer is crafted in Southeast Alaska, even the native brown bears love to snack on it. Throughout history native peoples have even collected young Fireweed plants to eat the stems, or to use them as medicinal ointment for boils and skin irritations.

Stages of Fireweed

Fireweed can be seen in three different stages, first the bright pink flowers bloom engulfing entire mountainsides, and every small patch it can find in town. During its transition, the Fireweed petals turn a burnt reddish orange color, really setting the fields on fire. Once they are ready to seed, the plants produce white clusters of silky hair-like seeds. The seeds resemble those of dandelions or milkweed, and are carried easily by the autumn winds blowing through the mountain pass. It is said that once the plants start to turn, the first snow is only a few weeks away.  If you find yourself in Skagway in the middle of summer, take a train ride up the White Pass. You are sure to see the bright pink fields in all their glory and perhaps a lazy bear or two who have gotten drunk eating Fireweed flowers.

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Sunken Gardens: St. Petersburg, Florida USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg Florida

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg Florida

We are very fortunate to have an amazing garden close to my home.  Sunken Gardens of St. Petersburg, Florida was started in 1903 by a gardener named George Turner.  Mr. Turner bought the four acre area which also included a very shallow lake that was 10 feet below see level.  He soon began to plant all different species of plants, which made the garden a totally different type of garden. As a result, he began to sell the plants and vegetables.  For this reason, local people were just wanting to stroll through the gardens and Mr. Turner started to charge a fee.

Today the gardens are owned by the City of St. Petersburg and holds over 500 species of different plants. Furthermore, there are birds of all different species too.  A perfect place to go and relax in the tranquility of the gardens.  Visitors from all over come to see this unique garden.  Not to mention, it is also a perfect place to have a wedding. My Son and Daughter-in-law did!

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Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Tokyo, Japan

One of my favorite gardens to visit is Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden located in Tokyo, Japan.  Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Tokyo. It is divided into three different types of gardens: English landscape, French formal and Japanese traditional.  There is also a teahouse, greenhouse, wooded bridges, ponds as well as a trail through a small wooded area named the Mother and Child Forest.   Home to a large number of cherry trees, Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the most popular spots in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing in the spring.  We visited during the peak of cherry blossom season and were fortunate enough to experience the park surrounded by beautiful pink sakura.

While Tokyo can feel hectic, this large and peaceful park is a great place to spend a few hours. You can walk around and enjoy the beautiful flowers, relaxing while sitting on a bench or enjoying a picnic. Even during the busy cherry blossom season, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is not as crowded as most places in Tokyo (probably because there is a small entrance fee). Therefore, making it a relaxing oasis in the middle of the city.  The gardens are large so you might not able to see everything in one visit but you can easily spend at least a few of hours and not run out of things to see.  The gardens are very easy to reach as they are located in the center of Tokyo near Shinjuku Station.

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De Orchideeën Hoeve: Flevoland Netherlands

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Netherlands-De-Orchideeë-Hoeve

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Netherlands-De-Orchideeë-Hoeve

In the province of Flevoland, in the country of the Netherlands is an amazing garden that hardly anybody knows about! Part tropical rainforest, part colourful flower-garden, De Orchideeën Hoeve is an indoor ‘tropical paradise’. There are lots of different parts with different themes, plants, flowers and even animals! You can see cute little monkeys, koi and turtles in the rainforest garden; as well as tropical plants, a stream and cute little jungle treehouses. In the orchid garden are stunning orchids and a waterfall; and the ‘hanging’ garden features hundreds of stunning flowers in hanging baskets! There are also pretty fountains and a grand piano so you can listen to lovely music while enjoying some cake and coffee from the cafe.

The complex also features the largest butterfly enclosure in Europe (where you can even get married if you want!). It includes  an area where you can hand-feed colourful Rainbow Lorikeets. The only problem is that it’s difficult to get to via public transport, so your best bet is to visit it by car. I had a magical few hours on my first trip and am planning to go back again soon! Just remember to not wear too many layers inside as they keep it very warm and humid for all the tropical plants and animals.

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Ballymaloe Country House: Cork, Ireland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Ballymaloe Country House Apple Orchards in Cork, Ireland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Ballymaloe Country House Apple Orchards in Cork, Ireland

The restaurant Ballymaloe Country House is near the city of Cork in Ireland. This is where famed Irish Chef Myrtle Allen started promoting Irish countryside home cooking in 1964.  Long before the current trend for farm-to-table fare started. Her family continues on the tradition of using locally-sourced fresh ingredients in their restaurant and producing family members who are famous Irish chefs.

Ballymaloe Country House is now a hotel where you can stay as well as dine in the famous restaurant. The gardens of Ballymaloe are a delight with orchards, a kitchen garden and greenhouses that produce both vegetables for the restaurant and fresh flowers for the hotel. The Ballymaloe Cookery school is run on a nearby estate and they have beautiful farm gardens too.  Ballymaloe is located in Shanagarry in County Cork about 40 minutes from the city of Cork.

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Hawaii Botanical Gardens: Big Island, Hawaii USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Hawaii Botanical Gardens

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Hawaii Botanical Gardens

Just past mile marker 7 at Onomea Bay, on the rainier side of the Big Island is the indescribably beautiful Hawaii Botanical Gardens. The garden, which includes more than 2,000 plant species is a paradise filled with rare palms and more than 80 species of both heliconias and bromeliads. You’ll stumble upon orchids galore, a three-tiered waterfall, and dazzling ocean views among other surprises while you meander the trails in this lush 40-acre extravaganza.

This “garden in a valley on the ocean” is protected from the trade winds…a calm oasis on the east coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. It was developed back in 1977 as a botanical garden and nature preserve. Today, it’s a museum of living plants visited by photographers worldwide.

Wondering if it’s worth an admission fee to a botanical garden when you’re already enjoying beautiful Hawaiin flora and faun for free? The answer is yes! You’ll also be supporting a very special educational not-for-profit dedicated to preserving rare tropical plants for future generations in this special sanctuary. Plan your trip to the garden as an easy day trip from Hilo. It is an incredibly on a scenic four-mile coastal drive that winds through the hills and along the Hamukua coast.

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Poppy Fields: Provence, France

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Provence, France Poppie Fields

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Provence, France Poppie Fields

Springtime is by far the most beautiful time of year to visit Provence. The fields are awash with colourful blooms in every hue. It starts with the delicate white almond blossom and ends when the first buds of lavender start to appear. It’s in the middle of this period that the most vibrant flower makes its appearance – the poppies of Provence.

Poppy fields can be found seemingly everywhere throughout Provence, drive far enough through the countryside and you’re sure to lay eyes on a red field or two. But my favourite place for poppy spotting is in the Luberon Valley. It’s here among the rows of ancient vines and olive trees that you’ll find the fullest, most beautiful poppy fields. Drive around the hilltop villages of the Luberon and you’ll have the added advantage of seeing the patchwork landscape from above. The bright red poppy fields look stunning against the green agrarian landscape.

The poppy season lasts around a month or so from May through to the beginning of June. And it coincides with what I consider to be the best time to visit Provence, the weather is fine and (normally) dry, and the villages are alive and buzzing with energy.

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The Volksgarten: Vienna, Austria

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Volksgarten Gardens in Vienna Austria

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Volksgarten Gardens in Vienna Austria

While Vienna doesn’t boast of a flower field, it has a thousand blossoms beautifying the city come spring – at parks, and courtyards, and sidewalks. But one of the most picturesque park and a favourite hangout among locals is the Volksgarten (People’s garden). The Volksgarten is home to over 3,000 rose bushes of more than 200 different cultivars of roses. They are beautiful in a chaos of colors, smells wonderful all throughout the day, and simply a whimsical spot to spend an afternoon while a violin plays Pachelbel nearby. It is one of my favourite areas to take prenuptial photo sessions. 🙂

At the park’s center is the neoclassical Theseus Temple commissioned by Pietro di Nobile. This is a small-scale replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens and stands so grand in white nowadays – after a stricter implementation of anti-vandalism in the area. The historic Cortisches coffee house can be found at the edge of the garden.  Austrian composers Johann Strauss I and Joseph Lanner are some of those who performed here while Johann Strauss II has conducted the first performances of his Donauwalzer later on.

There are a number of benches and chairs for you to be able to take in the beauty of the roses and other flowers thriving in this garden. You would notice that most of them have names, these are the sponsors who have contributed to the maintenance of the garden.  You can do so too, it’s 350€ a year or 650€ for 10 years and you get a certificate along with your name attached to a bush.

How to get there:

The Volksgarten is easily accessible from the underground station Volkstheater. It is technically still in the courtyard of the Hofburg and is opposite the Parliament building. It’s as though the giant statue of Pallas Athena facing the garden is telling those passing by to get into the park and relax, enjoy the city from a lovely haven within the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Kings Park Botanical Garden: Perth, Australia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Kings Park Botanical Garden: Perth, Australia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Kings Park Botanical Garden: Perth, Australia

Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia is one of the biggest urban parks in the world, covering over 400 hectares and offers the best views of the city. One of the main attractions of the park is the Botanic Garden which features thousands of species of Western Australia’s unique flora and fauna. Over half of these aren’t found anywhere else in the world and include many types of Eucalyptus, Banksias, Wattles and Kangaroo Paws.

Walking around the Botanic Gardens is like taking a trip around Western Australia. Each area represents a different geographic area with some of the most spectacular plants from these regions on display.  The highlight though, is the 750-year-old Boab Tree, which was gifted to Kings Park by the Gija People from the Kimberley Region in the state’s north.

The best time to visit the Botanic Gardens is for the Wildflower Festival which takes place in September each year. Thanks to its isolation and remoteness, West Australia has one of the world’s most spectacular displays of wildflowers in the world. Many of these can be seen during the festival and include dozens of different types of orchards as well as fields of pink, yellow and white everlastings.

How to get there:

Kings Park is located on the edges of Perth CBD and is easily accessible by foot or with the free shuttle bus from the city centre. Entry is free and the park is open every day of the year.

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The Flower Fields: Carlsbad, California USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Flower Fields Of Carlsbad California

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Flower Fields Of Carlsbad California

For just two and a half months each year (March 1 to May 13), millions of ranunculus bloom in a 50 acre field next to the 5 freeway in the beachside town of Carlsbad, California.  It’s a beautiful sight to behold and I never get tired of it. During my visit this year I made an effort to learn more about these flowers and this particular field. This part of California–South of Los Angeles and North of San Diego–is famous for its flower cultivation, much of it from the Ecke family.  Paul Ecke began his operations by cultivating poinsettias nearby, but then decided to give ranunculus a try. He selected the variety called Tecolote Giant, which originated in Asia Minor. But what has really made this field unique is the fact that its been open to the public for over thirty years.

Each year 150,000 people pay the admission fee to wander the fields, take photos and enjoy the scattered benches for an amazing view.  During my visit I saw groups of seniors, plenty of children, and even a few couples enjoying the romantic scene. These lovely flowers appeal to all. The exit takes visitors through the garden store, Armstrongs, where ranunculus of all colors can be purchased. For anyone driving South to San Diego, or North to LA in the months of March, April and June, I definitely recommend taking a break to visit The Flower Fields.

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Carthes Castle Gardens: Banchory, Scotland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Carthes Castle in Banchory Scotland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Carthes Castle in Banchory Scotland

Located not far from the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, happens to be one of the most beautifully designed gardens. The prettiest I have ever experienced.  The uniquely stunning Carthes Castle. First, you take a tour of the 14th century castle, filled with original furniture, books, draperies and many more accessories.  There are assistants throughout the castle to answer any questions you may have on the Carthes Castle. Next, you step outside….

Gardens galore! There are all different types of gardens too; wide open green lawns and quite serene private areas.  In fact, you can even play croquet on the grounds.  Flowers in every color, were blooming too.  Carthes Castle gardens are definitely among the list of beautiful flowers and gardens around the world.

By the way, I will be writing a separate article very soon on all the Scottish castles we visited.  In the meantime, if you would like to be notified when this article is posted please sign up with your email on this web site 🙂

Peter Pan has a little garden in Scotland to(click here)

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Canola Fields: Sweden

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Canola Fields in Sweden

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Canola Fields in Sweden

The Canola Fields are a magical experience for anyone who visit Southern Sweden during spring/early summer. These bright yellow fields are a symbol of southern Sweden, also known as Skåne, and is also a sign that summer is on its way!

Driving around the countryside of Skåne during canola season is something special since you can spot these strong colored fields almost everywhere you go.

PS: These fields are even more magical from the air. So, if you’re flying over Skåne, make sure to look out through the window and admire all the squares of yellow and green covering southern Sweden.

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Cherry Blossoms: Washington DC, USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

You will be surprised to know that the capital of the United States is home to thousands of beautiful cherry blossom trees. These beautiful sakura trees gifted by Japan make Washington DC a unique and enchanting destination every spring. You have to see it to believe it, there are times when you almost feel like you are in Japan.

These flowers have a short life span of about 2-3 weeks every spring and the exact bloom time varies every year. They can bloom anytime from early by March to mid of April depending on the weather. Make sure to check the cherry blossom forecast before you plan your visit. In the month of April, in order to welcome these cherry blossom flowers, there are many events organized by the city including a Cherry Blossom Parade.

In order to get to DC by flight you have three airports in the vicinity – Washington Dulles, Ronald Reagan and Baltimore Thrugood airport. DC is also an easy driving distance from many big cities on the east coast of the US. Or you can take Amtrak trains to get into Union station in DC. Make sure to book hotels in advance to avoid high prices since this is a tourist heavy season.

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Rose Garden: Florence, Italy

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Rose Garden in Florence, Italy

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Rose Garden in Florence, Italy

Nestled just below the famous Piazzale Michelangelo, the Rose Garden of Florence is a beautiful gem that–despite its easy-to-access location right near one of Florence’s most popular attractions–is still easy to miss.

When climbing up to the Piazzale Michelangelo, be sure to keep an eye out for the entrance to the Rose Garden on the left!

Once you enter, you’ll be glad you made a point of looking for the Rose Garden.  Not only is the garden home to thousands of absolutely gorgeous roses, it has a beautiful view over Florence.  It’s easy to admire the Duomo, the Palazzo Vecchio, and more while surrounded by air that smells like an intoxicating perfume.

While the gardens are small, it’s still easy to spend half an hour or more walking around and enjoying the Rose Garden. Especially if you find a shady spot to sit and enjoy the views from for a while.

Plus, if you’re climbing the steep hill from the Arno River all the way up to the Piazzale Michelangelo, the Rose Garden will be a welcome break by the time you arrive!

And as if the beautiful flowers (go in the spring and be amazed!),incredible smell of the roses perfuming the air. Fantastic views of Florence aren’t enough of a reason to visit the Rose Garden, it is also free to enter. Making it a must-see on any Florence itinerary.

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Plum Blossom Hill on Purple Mountain: Nanjing, China

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Plum Blossoms of China

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Plum Blossoms of China

China rivals neighboring Japan when it comes to blossom. Yet where is the best place in the Middle Kingdom to see the delicate spring petals? According to some, the best plum blossom garden in the whole of China is to be found on Purple mountain in Nanjing.

On the southern side of the Xiaoling Mausoleum is Plum Blossom Hill. In Nanjing, they call this garden ‘the world of plum blossoms’ and rightly so. It truly is an immersive world of flowers as you will find 30,000 blossom trees! There are almost 500 different kinds of blossoms just waiting to be discovered. Therefore, not only pretty plum blossom trees are to be found on Purple mountain, but lovely peach and sweet cherry blossom trees also live in the gardens.

Secret and traditional pagodas are nestled between the tall trees swaying in the breeze. The wind whistles softly between the branches as the petals fall gently like swirling snow in the air. We walk over beds of pink, purple, white and peach blossoms on the earthy paths. There are little streams trickling through Plum blossom hill and join calm pools framed by these beautiful trees.

To summarize, Plum Blossom Hill is a beautiful garden. Enter the world of blossoms and see if you agree whether this is the best plum blossom garden in the whole of China.

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Bellingrath Gardens: Mobile, Alabama USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Bellingrath Gardens Mobile Alabama

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Bellingrath Gardens Mobile Alabama

Bellingrath Gardens was always a beautiful Southern retreat from the hustle and bustle of my hometown, Mobile, AL. Thanks to owner’s Bessie and Walter Bellingrath visitors can enjoy this piece of Southern paradise! Every spring and summer the flowers are blooming, and the water ways are glistening! I remember countless field trips in the Spring where classmates and I frolicked through rows upon rows of colorful plants!

My favorite memory of the Gardens is of my 16th birthday. My family rented a spot on the Bellingrath riverboat cruise and we “ooed and ahhed” at the big houses perched on the river canal. The twinkle lights about and the moon leading the way made this birthday magical for me! You can go on a river cruise yourself almost year-round!

What’s in Bloom:

With 65 acres to play with you will not be disappointed in any season. In spring, the gorgeous azaleas are everywhere which is Mobile’s trademark flower. Summer is all about roses, hydrangeas and tropical beauties. However, you absolutely don’t want to miss the spectacular cascading Chrysanthemums gracing the Gardens every fall! In winter, you will see over 400 varieties of camellias, Alabama’s state flower and what Walter Bellingrath referred to as the “aristocrat of Bellingrath Gardens”.

My favorite time of the year to spend here is during Christmas time. The gardens are decorated from entrance to exit, bridges included, with lights and moving figurines, all depicting favorite Christmas stories! Don’t forget to purchase a hot chocolate from the street vendor as you stroll along.

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Huntington Gardens: Southern California, USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Succulents At The Desert Garden In The Huntington Gardens California

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Succulents At The Desert Garden In The Huntington Gardens, California

Botanical gardens always make it into our list of things to see when my husband and I travel. But our first trip specifically to see gardens was a quick weekend getaway to Pasadena in Southern California, to explore the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino. Admission is pricey, but we enjoyed our first day so much that we splurged on a second full day of exploration.

There are more than a dozen themed gardens in the complex, spread over 120 acres. Among the specimens is the Corpse Flower (Stinky Plant), which blooms at unpredictable intervals once every few years and is a huge draw when it does. Sadly, it wasn’t blooming when we visited!

We loved the Desert Garden, which features a multitude of succulents in all stages of development. Some were in bloom when we visited. Blooms ranged from single spots of color on small plants hugging the ground to gigantic multi-bloomed sprays thrown up into the sky by mature plants. We were wowed by the different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of these hardy plants. I have never seen so many varieties in one place before!

Rose Garden

My other favorite garden in the complex was the Rose Garden, which was in peak bloom when we visited. Thousands of roses in a myriad of colors created a riotous display that was a sight to behold. Climbing roses clambered over arches, arbors, and trellises, and tall tree roses created a background for hybrid teas and floribundas in matching colors. Many specimens were scented as well, offering another dimension of enjoyment to those of us that cared to get close and sniff.

To cap our visit to the gardens, we opted to have High Tea right next to the Rose Garden. Dainty sandwiches, pastries and scones, and delectable strawberries with clotted cream made for a perfect ending to a beautiful weekend.

If you go:

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino, CA 91108

The complex is open every day except Tuesday, and the first Thursday of the month is free, for a limited number of visitors.

The City of San Marino is about 12 miles northeast of Los Angeles. The gardens are located in a residential area and not really accessible by public transit, so a car is the most convenient way to get here. Alternatively, if you are staying in the vicinity, check if your hotel offers a free shuttle to the Gardens. We stayed at the Hilton in Pasadena, and they did!

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Tulips: Lisse, Holland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Lisse, Holland

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Lisse, Holland

Every Spring the Keukenhof Garden in Lisse, a small town in South of Holland draws of tourists to enjoy the magnificent spectacle of colorful bloom of tulips. The gardens are open only for few weeks from March to May.  And though the best time to visit the garden is said to be April when the bloom is maximum, there is always something to see there in March and May too. Apart from the Tulip the garden also hosts several flowers shows in numerous pavilions across the garden. There is also a flower parade that takes place in Lisse called Bollenstreek Bloemencorso which is something not to miss too.

If you are keen on learning more about the history and role of the tulip in the development of Holland do visit the Museum De Zwarte Tulip or Black Tulip Museum.  The museum exhibit also provides information on origin and cultivation of tulip. There are several bulb fields around the Keukenhof Garden. Go for a boat ride through the fields or rent a bike and explore the fields on your own.

The gardens are located about 30-minute drive from Amsterdam which makes for a perfect day trip. There are several tour company that organizes day trips to Keukenhof Garden. Alternatively, there are several special buses that run from Amsterdam to Keukenhof Garden in Lisse.

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Royal Botanic Gardens: Kew, London

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London

Just a half hour from central London are the generous open spaces of the Royal Botanic Gardens in the pretty suburb of Kew in West London. With 300 acres to explore it’s the most diverse living ‘library’ of plants in the world and is an internationally important research centre. But for a visitor it also offers lots of fun, flowers and activities for all the family.

Kew is big and it caters to lots of tastes. Start with the grand formal planting of the Great Broad Walk then visit one of the iconic Victorian glasshouses. The jungly Palm House has a rainforest climate for its tropical collection of plants and wrought iron balconies to give visitors a treetop view. Gardens and conservatories showcase different habitats and in the 37 acre natural area a trail of logs for clambering leads children on a woodland walk.

For a glimpse of history visitors can explore Kew Palace, George III’s retreat, with its fascinating kitchen gardens. But for fresh air and a break from sightseeing, simply take a picnic and wander down the long mown avenues to the Thames viewpoint or spread a rug under one of the ancient trees and watch the ducks and swans on the lake.  There are also several cafes and an excellent gift shop.

Getting there:

From Central London take the District line tube to Kew Gardens underground station or a train from London Waterloo station to Kew Bridge. There are buses too, more info on the Kew Gardens website.

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Miracle Garden: Dubai

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Dubai Miracle Garden

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden, situated in the heart of Dubai, UAE, featuring over 109 million flowers in different shapes and colors. There are plethora of attractions in Miracle Garden with some quirky structures. There is a heart-shaped pathway, pyramids to full-size houses, Emirates aircraft structure to a flowery Teddy bear. These are just some of the sights makes this place absolutely unique to your eyes.

This colourful tourist attraction is holding two super-sized Guinness World Record breaking displays i.e Emirates A380 aircraft structure and the Disney Mickey Mouse. Moreover, the interesting thing about this garden is each year the park adapts a new theme, which is mesmerizing.

There are so many photo opportunities here and it is such a peaceful place to visit. If you want to experience something different then this is definitely the place to go.

Insider tip:  The Miracle Garden closes for the summer months when the heat rises dramatically. Be sure to check that it is open before you travel.

How to get there: Location: Al Barsha 3, Arjan Dubailand, Dubai, UAE .
There are ways to reach to Miracle Garden, the most convenient and easiest way would be to hire a taxi to reach there. The cheapest way to reach is to take a bus from Mall of Emirates (MOE) Metro station.

Ticket Price to Enter Miracle Garden: 

Adults: 40 AED
Children 3-12 years old: 30 AED

Visiting hours: Weekdays: 9 am – 9 pm Weekends (Fri-Sat): 9 am – 11 pm

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Kinabalu Park: Borneo, Southeast Asia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Borneo Rafflesia Flower at the Kinabalu Park: Borneo, Southeast Asia

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Borneo Rafflesia Flower at the Kinabalu Park: Borneo, Southeast Asia

Borneo is a large island in Southeast Asia that is shared by three countries, Malaysia in the north, Indonesia in the South and the tiny nation of Brunei within the Malaysian territory. The Malaysia half is split into two states, Sabah and Sarawak. If you’re an avid explorer, nature lover and keen hiker, chances are you’ll want to head to the capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. About a 2 hour drive from Kota Kinabalu is UNESCO-listed Kinabalu Park, a dense 75,370 ha rainforest that is home to a plush diversity of plants and birds. It also houses one of Southeast Asia’s highest peaks, standing at 4095 meters. You can summit Mount Kinabalu from any one of the 9 hiking trails where you will go from a tropical to alpine climates as you ascend.

Botanic Gardens

If hiking is not really your thing, but you love flora, a must-visit place in Kota Kinabalu is the Botanic Gardens owned by governmental entity Sabah Parks. You’ll love the diversity of orchids available to peruse, from the smallest in Borneo at under 1cm to one of the most expensive in the world, at a bidding price of US$5,000 per stem!

You can also fulfill your Little Shop of Horrors dreams by perusing the diverse range of indigenous pitcher plants. But the crème de la crème of the experience is checking out the gigantic Rafflesia flower. This colossal beauty takes about a year to open and stays so for only a week. Its bloom is the largest in the world and can easily measure up to 100cm in diameter. Like the pitchers in the area, this large flower is carnivorous and attracts its prey by smelling like rotting meat. It is so rare, that when found, guards will stand by them 24/7 to protect them from poachers.

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Luxembourg Gardens: Paris, France

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Paris Luxumberg Gardens

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Paris Luxumberg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, located in the 6th Arrondissement. They are perhaps the most beautiful gardens in the French capital and one of Parisians’ best spots to enjoy a sunny day.

The Luxembourg Gardens and Luxembourg Palace were designed in the XVI century for Queen Marie de Médicis. The queen  wanted to leave the Louvre Palace and move to bigger spaces in the countryside (at that time this area was outside the city walls). These are French Gardens with a Baroque Italian touch, inspired by Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy, the queen’s birthplace. Today both the gardens and palace belong to the French Senate but you can visit the gardens for free.

There are many beautiful spots in Luxembourg Gardens but perhaps the most popular ones are the central pond, just in front of the palace, and the Medici Fountain. The latest is considered by some as one of the most romantic places in Paris. If you are in Paris don’t miss Luxembourg Gardens, one of the best places to see local life in Paris. In addition, there are lots of outdoor activities like pétanque, a playground for kids, a puppet theater, or a music kiosk just to name a few. Also, if the weather is nice, you can bring your own picnic and have an informal lunch on the grass.

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Magnolia Plantation and Gardens: Charleston, South Carolina USA

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Magnolia Plantation South Carolina

Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Magnolia Plantation South Carolina

I have fallen in love with Charleston, South Carolina and a big part of that is because of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

There  are several plantations in and around Charleston but I decided to go to Magnolia because I could bring my dogs with me.  Dogs have to stay on leash and cannot go into any of the buildings.

What I liked the most about Magnolia Plantation and Gardens were that the gardens weren’t perfectly manicured. There were a few sections where the hedges were neatly trimmed but for the most part it had a very wild feel.  Most of the walking trails are very easy to navigate, allowing for people with strollers or wheelchairs to enjoy the gardens.

Take a walk along the Ashley River and the former rice ponds and you will see birds of every description.  Just be careful where you walk because the ponds are also home to alligators.  For anyone that loves wildlife, this alone is worth the price of admission.  Staff members constantly drive the paths around the ponds watching to make sure there aren’t issues between the reptilian residents and guests.

How to get there:

The plantation is not on any public transit routes so you will either need to drive, take a taxi, or use a ride-sharing service.  The plantation is located at 3550 Ashley River Road which is easily accessed from Interstate 526.  While they recommend at least 45 minutes to visit, I feel that is not nearly enough time.  You should allot at least a few hours, especially if you want to take any of the guided tours or spend time in the petting zoo.  While the walking paths are shaded, it can get quite hot and humid so make sure you bring plenty of water and pack your sunblock.

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Beautiful flowers and gardens around the world: Sherrie at Castle in Scotland

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