21 Luxury Travel Experiences Bellagio Italy

Traveling the world is exciting and fun enough for us all.  But add luxury air travel, some luxury adventures, quick luxury getaways, a touch of a luxurious hotel stay and luxury resorts, even a delicious luxurious restaurant experience and you can transform your vacation from wonderful to extraordinary.  A luxury travel itinerary and high end travel can take some planning and saving, but I hope this article encourages you to dream and hopefully one day give it a try!  I am excited to bring you a selection of 21 luxury travel experiences from Travel Bloggers that you may want to add to your personal luxury bucket list.   So let’s get going and have some fun and travel in luxury around the world!!!

I will start with one my favorite luxury experiences…

The Rome Waldorf view from our balcony
The Rome Waldorf view from our balcony

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Most Luxurious Hotel in Italy

Kevin and I have had many luxury travel experiences and unique travel experiences in many parts of the world.  We have stayed in some of the best resorts in the world in Germany and Paris to name just a few.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but since Rome is my favorite city in the world, the Waldorf is definitely a contender.

The hustle and bustle of the city of Rome is left behind as you head up the private drive towards the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Known as one of the most impressive hotels in all of Italy, it does not disappoint or disenchant.  The Cavalieri luxurious Five Star hotel is located on the highest hill in Rome looking over the Eternal City and surrounded by a tranquil 15-acre private park.

The hotel provide no less than impeccable service from the moment we were escorted from our private automobile transfer.  The lobby and ground floor are indeed grand; adorn with gold opulence, original paintings, shops, bars, restaurants, a Roman spa and ballrooms.   A step outside and we entered a luxurious outdoor space with comfortable seating to eat and lounge around the pool.

My husband Kevin surprised me with an amazing luxury suite at one of the worlds most luxurious hotels.  Our suite was absolutely gorgeous! The spacious room was decorated in a roman decor and lush linens.  The best part was our balcony.  The balcony was large with a view that I still dream about. Rome was at our feet, literally!  You can see all of Rome; the Vatican, the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, the 7 hills and more. Not only was this probably the best hotel suite ever, there is more.  Our own Butler, 24-hour service for anything we would need.  Gelato at 3:00 am- done.

There’s more about this ultimate luxury destination.

The roof top restaurant is also known for being one of the best locations to dine and view this spectacular city.  Or you can enjoy having a cocktail downstairs in the relaxed laid-back area poolside. The staff in every part of the hotel is there to make your stay wonderful and they do! Our holiday at the Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria was definitely different than our first time to Rome, but it sure is a dream that I want to have again!

Luxury in the Antartica on a cruise ship
Luxury in the Antartica

Luxury Antarctica Cruise


I must admit that by nature, I’m a budget traveller through and through. But an Antarctica trip is no standard destination. Not only is it likely your ultimate bucket list dream if you decide you go, but it’s one of few places in the world where you pretty much have to go in luxury style if you go at all.

Unless you’re travelling as a research scientist, you can either take a private flight there at exorbitant cost or join the swankiest of cruises from Ushuaia, Argentina. I chose the cruise route boy, and do they spoil you! You’ll have three or four days of nothing but sailing through the Drake Passage during which you have nowhere to land before you get to the continent, but that’s OK because you start the day with free on-board yoga and meditation, access to a gym (all the machines bolted down to handle the conditions) and three or four well equipped lounges and bars.

There’s a really interesting program of lectures from the on-board guides, and on one leg of the trip they auction off prizes such as a chance to steer the boat for 15 minutes – for a cool $10,000. Did I mention there’s also a private spa, hot tub and sauna open every day? You almost forget about where you’re headed, it’s all so good.

The food on board is just incredible, especially considering they run outdoor BBQs in Antarctic temperatures a few times over the trip. Forget school dinners, food on board is three courses with options from around the world and specialist chefs cooking fresh to order. Thank god they have a gym is all I can say!

Submitted by Danni at Live in 10 countries

Maldives luxury resort on the water
Hotel Luxury travel in the Maldives

A Luxury Resort in the Maldives


If you’re looking for a luxury vacation, look no further than the beautiful tropical paradise of Maldives! And if you’re looking to take luxury to an all time high, you will love staying in an over water bungalow. We stayed at Robinson Club Noonu, and had the most amazing time. On top of all that, you get to take a seaplane to and from the island! This was a first for us, and another cross off the bucket list.

From the minute you step foot on the island, you’ll be in paradise. We were greeted with a cold drink, a lei, and our own personal attendant who showed us around the island in the golf course before escorting us to our room. Not just a room, but an over water bungalow…my dream! The rooms were huge with a comfy king bed, and more than a full size bathroom. It had a hammock over the water and a stand alone bath tub outside in your own private space. To top it all off, we walked out on the deck over the ocean and saw our own personal infinity pool! Paradise!

Robinson Club Noonu is also an all-inclusive resort, so we had every meal covered, and all our drinks as well. They had great live music and events every night, we were given snorkel gear for our entire stay, so we could go swim in the ocean right outside our door. Robinson Club Noonu took luxury to a whole new level for us, and we can’t wait to go back!

Submitted by Sara at Our Kind of Crazy

Luxury in Montana at Paws Up
Luxury in Montana at Paws Up

Montana Luxury Style


The resort at Paws Up was one of the most glamorous places I have ever stayed and it’s in the middle of nowhere Montana. It might not be on your radar, but I guarantee it should be. To be more specific, Paws Up is located just a half hour from Missoula in the most tranquil setting. Our camp was nestled in some trees right next to the river where I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in my whole life.

What makes Paw Up in Greenough Montana so special? You stay in luxury tents complete with a heated bathroom floor, your own shower, hot running water, heat or A/C and everything. There’s a butler that takes care of everything in your small camp. The whole resort is separated by smaller camps. Each camp has access to a butler, concierge and your own chef. The chef might have been my favorite part. You get to eat at a tent where your food is cooked right there, made to order. If you’d rather eat in a building you can do that too, it’s all included.

I would compare staying at Paws Up to going on a high-end luxury safari, but you don’t have to have any shots or take Malaria meds. Instead of chasing animals in your safari car your adventures might include skeet shooting, ATV riding, rappelling down a cliff, whitewater rafting, hot air ballooning, a horse drawn carriage ride, go-karting or paint balling; there’s so many activities to choose from that you might want to book a week!

Submitted by Melissa at Roux Roamer


Enjoy a wildlife adventure in Montana too!

Luxurious cruising on a barge in France
Luxurious cruising on a barge in France

Luxury Barge Cruises in France


One of the most luxurious trips I have recently taken was certainly the luxury barge cruise in France with European Waterways. We spent 6 fabulous days on the Panache, a luxurious hotel barge that left nothing to be desired and indulged in incredible food, never-ending views of rolling vineyards and an ample flow of some of the best wine and champagne in the world. And with only 5 other passengers on board, it almost felt like a private cruise as the 6-man crew spoiled us every waking minute.

I already mentioned the food, but let’s talk about it a bit more. Our Chef on board not only had 1 but 2 Michelin star restaurants. The food he prepared was traditional French, but often with an interesting international twist. He even gave us an impromptu cooking class after he found out that we all enjoyed cooking.

We didn’t just eat though. As we floated on the Marne through the picturesque Champagne region, we also visited 2 Champagne Houses, explored Epernay, visited the Cathedral of Reims, enjoyed several Champagne tastings and learned about the Champagne making process.

If you enjoy a slow-paced, relaxing and highly luxurious travel experience, I highly recommend a luxury barge cruise in France.

Submitted by Maria at Europe Up Close

Travel in Luxury on a train in India
Travel in Luxury on a train in India

Luxury Train Travel In India


I’ve been able to do some incredible things in my life, but nothing compares to the Maharajas Express. India is known for its incredible rail transportation, but this luxury train takes it to a whole new level.

For eight days I traveled throughout India in luxury, complete with a butler! There are two dining cars that serve both amazing Indian food as well as international food. There are also two bars with comfortable lounges, but my favorite was that I had a room, with my own bathroom, desk to work at and even a television. But I never needed to turn the television on because I was too enamored with the view from my window.

It was my first trip to India, and I visited so many places on our route including the iconic Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Varanasi and Lucknow. India on its own is amazing but this was an incredible experience. The train often traveled at night and we were able to enjoy a new stop each day.

While everyone on the train was so excited to see the Taj Mahal, all of the destinations were spectacular. At each stop there was a red carpet and locals playing music and welcoming us to the next destination.

Submitted by Ayngelina at Bacon Is Magic

Costa Rica Luxury resort
Costa Rica Luxury resort

Luxury Vacation in Costa Rica


Located on the pristine Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica you can find one of National Geographic’s most unique lodges of the world Lapa Rios.

A prime and perfect example of a Costa Rica ecotourism resort, covered by the lush green blanket that is the last lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and surrounded by beaches rich in marine life, Lapa Rios is an icon in sustainable luxury. Protecting 1,000-acres of rainforest and its biodiversity whilst finding a safe way to share it with the world, the Lapa Rios 17 bungalows are built on natural ridges within the rainforest providing unmatched views of the spectacular coastline and rainforest while allowing guests close-up observation of tropical flora and fauna.

Named after the scarlet macaws Costa Rican name Lapa, by owners John and Karen Lewis on their first visit to the land that would eventually be the property, they witnessed a number of macaws flying creating a river of red in the sky. Thus, once the property was created by these former Peace Corps volunteers, they named it Lapa Rios – River of Scarlet Macaws in English.

It had always been the vision of John and Karen to create a luxury resort that was sustainable. Since its opening Lapa Rios has won numerous awards and assists in the vital development of the local community. They have beyond succeeded in providing guests with an intimate and authentic rainforest experience of a lifetime.

Submitted by Neel at Flunking Monkey

Jade Mountain in St. Lucia
Jade Mountain in St. Lucia

Luxury Getaway in St. Lucia


Dig swimming? How about a soak in your own private pool? Better yet, take that pool and have it overlook the Piton peaks. This is the ultimate luxury Caribbean experience at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia. It’s been famous for its views from the exclusive open-air rooms and pools but offers much more than just a pretty place to sleep!

Jade Mountain not only had an unreal atmosphere, but the staff were wonderfully attentive and kind. Upon arrival, you meet your butler who can be reached by private cell phone at any time. We were treated to a private cooking class as well to learn how to incorporate mangoes into sweet and savory dishes. every afternoon, there was a surprise gift, such as chocolates made right on property at their Emerald Estates.

If you still hope for a luxury experience but Jade is out of reach, the classic, sister property Anse Chastanet is just down the hill. Celebrating local culture with authentic decor and activities, you can stay in these open-air rooms and indulge in a dinner up at Jade to celebrate.

Submitted by Eileen at Pure Wander


While in St. Lucia why not take a boat safari?

Luxury Greece Cruise ship
Luxury Greece Cruise

See Greece by a Luxury Cruise


I was lucky to go on my very first cruise through the Greek isles with the MS Europa 2, 5 stars + cruise ship and one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world! Luxury starts at reception, in the most luxurious lobby I have ever seen. It continues with your room big of 28 square meters with balcony with view over the sea! It has many facilities. A gym, 1 big pool, many sun beds and relax area, a spa and even a GOLF! So cool!!

There are also 5 fine dining restaurants on board ranging from Japanese to French. But more than this, the MS Europa 2 is the cruise ship that hast the most space by passengers. Which means it is never crowded anywhere!! Also because of its size: medium, it allows to anchor to smaller island that are not accessible to bigger cruise ship. This way you have the possibility to see some of the highlights of Greece like Santorini but also some smaller islands like Naxos or Pauglia! Such an amazing experience I will never forget.

Submitted by Amadine at Lesberlinettes

Travel Experiences of Monte Carlo
Travel Experiences of Monte Carlo

Upscale Travel to Monaco


I consider myself to be a budget traveler but the allure of spending some time in Monaco and by extension, the Monte Carlo casino was too good an opportunity to pass up on a recent visit to France. It was probably my only opportunity to feel like Daniel Craig from Casino Royale.

I paid the requisite 10-euro entry fee and entered in my shirt and jeans attire. I can swear I could feel eyes burning through my back as I passed inside but hey, dinner jackets are only required after 8 PM. Then I proceeded to take a tour of the main casino hall. Although vast, I couldn’t hear any sounds except from the tables and chips. The sheer opulence of the place made the entry fee worth it.

I found a small corner with an old Chinese woman and a couple of gentlemen at a poker game. I joined them and the dealer asked for the minimum 50 euros from everyone. To my surprise, the Chinese woman flipped a 500 euro-note from a wad of notes, making my jaw drop. I lost my 50 euros of course and went to the washroom to cry my eyes out but the beautiful setting made me reconsider. I walked around for some more time and an hour later left the casino feeling less like Bond and more like the average Joe I really was.

If you find yourself in France, then getting to Monaco is a pretty simple affair. Just get yourself to Nice from where you will find plentiful options to get to Monaco and enjoy the casino and other highlights of this autonomous principality. Just don’t gamble away your euros.

Submitted by Priyanko at Constant Traveller

South Africa Luxury Safari
South Africa safari in luxury

South Africa Luxury Safari


Phinda Game Reserve, in South Africa, has to be the most luxurious destination I have ever visited. This game reserve in Kwazulu Natal is managed by And Beyond, a luxury tour operator that has a strong focus on conservation, ecotourism and sustainable travel. The reserve is located at about 3 hours drive from Durban, but it can also be reached via flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg, which land on the private air strip in the reserve.

The game viewing experience at Phinda is excellent. The most prepared rangers and trackers literally go on a mission to make sure that guests get to see their favorite animals – though they never guarantee that this will happen. The reserve is packed with cheetahs and is also home to the Big Five.

The six lodges at Phinda Game Reserve are luxury at its best. Guests can enjoy a large, comfortable and yet cozy room completely immersed in nature, with its own view of the forest or its own plunge pool – where it is not infrequent that animals living in the reserve will drink from!

Guests are constantly pampered with the best meals. Breakfast includes a choice of 6 different coffee beans, all of them fairtrade. There are always cocktails and wines to be had. On occasions, the staff organizes al fresco dinners in the middle of the forest, lighting up a chosen spot in the reserve for a truly romantic experience.

Lodges also have a shop and in most cases a spa where to get massages and other treatments. It’s an expensive place, but worth every penny.

Submitted by Claudia at  My Travels Across the World

Seychelles Luxury Vacation
Seychelles Luxury Vacation

Luxury Experience Seychelles Islands


The Seychelles are considered to be some of the most beautiful islands on earth and have long been a magnet for A-listers due to their remoteness and five-star extravagance. Though it’s not just about over-the-top luxurious villas and sugar sand beaches. The Seychelles is one of few places on earth where development and conservation have managed to positively come together, and Fregate Island is one of the Seychelles’ 115 islands where that is most evident. The ultra-exclusive resort that has just 16 guest villas is part of a much larger conservation project to protect the island’s rare flora and fauna like the 3000 Aldabra giant tortoises that rule the island and bring back endangered species like the magpie robin that was the second rarest bird on earth with only 14 individuals remaining just 30 years ago.

Jennifer and Tim of Luxe Adventure Traveler rank their stay on Fregate Island as one of the top three most luxurious travel experiences they’ve ever had. Guests of the 16-villa luxury private island resort are whisked off to it by a 20-minute helicopter flight from the capital, Mahé. Once on Fregate Island, private butlers take care of the guests’ every need and arrange itineraries that encapsulate everything from pure relaxation to adventure. Each villa has its own private infinity pool and jacuzzi overlooking the Indian Ocean. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be served anywhere from right in your villa to a tree house built in to the banyan trees or on one of the island’s seven beaches by candlelight. When not dining in stunning locations, Jennifer and Tim were scuba diving on private dive trips around the island with Fregate Island’s own dive master and picnicking atop the highest point with a sunset picnic carried up by their butler. Unique on earth, there’s nowhere else on the planet where you can live in the lap of luxury alongside some of the rarest species and most stunning scenery that you find on Fregate Island.

Submitted by Jennifer and Tim at Luxe Adventure Traveler

Dubai Luxury experience of a Hot Air Balloon
Dubai Luxury experience of a Hot Air Balloon

Dubai Luxury Experience in the Air


One of the most surreal experiences in my life, and also the most luxurious one, was to fly in a hot air balloon above the desert in Dubai… upon sunrise.

What made the experience luxurious were all the details. Platinum Heritage, the company that flew us, had everything thought out in the slightest detail. And that’s what you want when stepping into a basket that carries you high above the ground.

After the flight itself (it was absolutely magical, see my post here), we were taken in vintage 1950’s Land Rovers to a Bedouin camp in the desert for a gourmet breakfast. A falconry showcase was scheduled next and then a desert safari, for those who got the extra package.

For the desert safari we also rode around in the fun Land Rovers. We respected the paths and didn’t engage in dune bashing, which is harmful to the environment and the animals living in the desert. The whole experience was fascinating, and I learned so much about how the Bedouins lived in the desert and about all the fauna and flora there. We watched a few Arabian oryx antelopes on the horizon, and that marked a perfect end to an adventurous half-day trip in Dubai.

Submitted by Veronika at Travel Geekery


Dining underwater in Luxury in the Maldives
Dining underwater in Luxury in the Maldives

Luxury Dining Underwater


One of the most luxurious travel experiences has to be dining in an underwater restaurant that is 5.8 meters below the sea. First off, Hurawalhi Resort Maldives has to be one of the best luxury places to stay in the Maldives. Not only is it one of the newest luxury  Maldives resorts, but it is home to one of the largest underwater restaurants in the world. Hurawalhi’s underwater restaurant is called 5.8 Restaurant because it is exactly 5.8 meters underwater. There are only eight two-top tables, four lining each wall, making it an exclusive experience. Through floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see fish as far as the eye can see.

Although the dishes would not be considered traditional Maldives cuisine, the contemporary food was well prepared and presented. The tasting menu includes oysters, scallops, and steak, along with wine pairings. There are several tasting menu options with prices ranging from $190-280 per person. The only way to have this underwater experience is to book a reservation at 5.8 Restaurant. They don’t allow visitors in to sneak a peek to capture photos. The good news? You don’t have to stay at Hurawalhi to dine there but remember it’s difficult to travel between islands in the Maldives. Transportation often involves a seaplane. For an even more luxurious experience, it’s possible to book 5.8 Restaurant for a private dining experience.

Submitted by Amber at With Husband in Tow


Sri Lanka Glamping in National Park
Sri Lanka Glamping in National Park

Luxury Glamping in Sri Lanka


If you want a wilderness experience that oozes luxury, then glamping in Wilpattu should be on your list. We decided that on top of doing a safari in Sri Lanka, we would like to immerse ourselves near the Wilpattu National Park, so we would have the chance to spot animals and experience the beautiful stars at night.

We stayed in luxury tents with large and super comfortable double beds, washrooms, shower, and our own little seating area in front to relax. The glamping luxury experience doesn’t stop at the accommodation, a stay with “Big Game Camp” in Wilpattu National Park brings you a memorable experience you’ll never forget. You’ll be treated to drinks on arrival, a personal half day safari experience, an afternoon tea after your safari of delicious canapes and sweets.

Dinner is a wonderful affair, you’ll dine under the stars with a campfire roaring in the middle. You’ll be served a 5-course meal, featuring delicious food, all prepared for and cooked right in front of you. Enjoy your meal with cocktails or wine and accompanied by music. After an evening of tasteful delights, you can walk back to your campsite and rest for the night.

You’ll be woken up by the sounds of birds and animals, ready for your fantastic 4 course breakfast including delicious tea and coffee. No request is too big, and the staff will do all they can to ensure a brilliant stay. WIFI is available, a games area with board games and books to relax, you’ll feel like you’re in another world with this glamping experience. It’s one of my favorite experiences from Sri Lanka and I highly recommend it.

Submitted by Cazzy at Dream Big, Travel Far


Flying in luxury on Singapore Airlines
Flying in luxury on Singapore Airlines

Flying in Luxury Accommodations


One of my most luxurious travel experiences was flying first class Singapore Suites on a Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Shanghai. Singapore Suites is no ordinary first class – the seats can be made into a roomy flat bed and are enclosed first class suites with doors and blinds for privacy.  Singapore Suites can only be found on Singapore Airlines A380 aircraft which only operate on a few select routes.

Some suites can even be combined to form one large double bed for couples or people traveling together and if the seats are empty, the flight attendants may sometimes make the double bed even for people traveling solo.

In addition to the seats, the decadent food, drinks and impeccable service also contributed to the luxury experience. We were presented with an extensive menu and encouraged to order any food and drinks we wanted at any time.  I ate multiple courses for lunch consisting of canapés, appetizers, soup, salad, main course and dessert.  Although I don’t usually drink on planes, I had to try some of the fine wine and champagne including Krug and Dom Pérignon. It was my best flight ever and I wished it was a longer flight so that I could enjoy more time in the incredible Singapore Suites.

Submitted by Matilda at The Travel Sisters


Four Seasons in Istanbul luxury hotel stay
Four Seasons in Istanbul luxury hotel stay

Hotel Luxury at the Four Seasons


Sultanahmet in Istanbul. Four Seasons Sultanahmet is an incredibly beautiful historical hotel located in the heart of the city and its terrace is overlooking Hagia Sofia. Unfortunately, the terrace only opens in May (the bar of Four Season is located there during summer); however, you can still access it and enjoy the beautiful view any time you want (only if you’re staying in Four Seasons, of course).

What was so special about this stay? I stayed in 5 Star hotels many times before, however, I never got as much attention as I had in Four Seasons in Istanbul. When we came back from a long walk and laid down for an hour or so before heading out for dinner, two people have checked on us if we need anything and even brought us chocolates and a small souvenir from Turkey. The room was also undoubtedly beautiful, and the mattress was probably the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on.  Being in the city centre was also very convenient for exploring Istanbul as we didn’t have that much time in the city. Overall, I would recommend Four Seasons Sultanahmet in a heartbeat and I would love to return there one day when the terrace is open (in summer).

Submitted by Liza at Tripsget


Orient Express Luxury Train Ride
Orient Express Luxury Train Ride

A Luxury Train Ride on the Venice Simplon Orient Express


My husband Laurence Norah and I have done several luxury travel experiences, including African safaris and private resorts, but one of the most memorable was our train ride on the Venice Simplon Orient Express luxury train. We did it soon after our wedding, so it was a bit like part of our honeymoon.

The train is probably best known because of its association with Agatha Christie’s novel “Murder on the Orient Express” which was inspired loosely by an incident where the train got stuck in a snowstorm for several days in 1929. The current luxury train is operated by Belmond and runs a variety of routes within Europe and include potential stops in London, Paris, Venice, Verona, Budapest, Prague, and Istanbul.

Our journey took us from London to Venice and it was a 36-hour overnight journey. We were served three meals plus afternoon tea and the food was amazing, especially considering it is served from a tiny kitchen on a moving train. The staff and service were wonderful and there was always someone who we could ring for assistance during the trip.

Our compartment was small but cozy with folding bunk beds and a tucked away washbasin. Those considering the trip should know that all of the regular train cabins are small and there are no showers (except in the three grand suites). This was not an issue for us as for one night this was more fun than a hassle. On longer journeys of multiple days, you spend some nights on the train, and some nights at local luxury hotels arranged by Belmond.

Our time on the train went by quickly as we ate good food, drank good wine, chatted with fellow passengers, and watch the French and Swiss countryside from the windows. We’d definitely recommend the experience to anyone!

Submitted by Jessica at Independent Travel Cats

Oberoi Amarvilas Luxury hotel experience
Oberoi Amarvilas Luxury hotel experience

India Hotel Luxury Stay


I was never sure about visiting India, because I was afraid of the famous Delhi Belly.  But, the call of the Taj Mahal was too big, and we decided to give India a chance. We wanted to stay in the best hotels to make it an amazing experience.  The Oberoi hotels have a very good reputation, so we booked our first night in The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra.

We always book luxury hotels for our trips, but this one kept us speechless.  Entering the hotel, we were warmly welcomed with a drink and ice cold towelettes.  No need to wait for the check in at the front desk but straight to our room.  We entered the room and were flabbergasted.  Our suite had a gigantic window and front view of the Taj Mahal.  I am sure we will never have a view that can compete with this.

As soon as we were alone in the room, we opened a bottle of champagne to enjoy this amazing vista from our terrace.  Amarvilas is the only hotel in Agra that has a view of the Taj Mahal so it’s a unique place to stay.  They even offered a private visit to the Taj Mahal.   They brought us in an electric golf cart to the entrance (only 600 meters from the hotel) and skipped al the queues.

So, if you ever want to enjoy a luxury stay and a breath-taking view, The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra is the place to be.

Submitted by Wendy at World Wide Wendy

Cancun luxury resort
Cancun luxury resort

Top Hotel In Cancun


I was at the beginning of my journey as a blogger and I asked Nizuc Hotel a visit since I wanted to include it in my post on the most exclusive hotels in Cancun. Since I entered the hotel I was in awe. Little did I know that in a few weeks I was going to spend my birthday week end there with my best friends. The hotel style blends the finest Mexican art into a Balinese inspired architecture, using wood as a primary material which gives a sense of warmth and coziness to the otherwise austere spaces.

The 5 restaurants offer a variety of the finest international cuisine. We had dinner at the Thai, lunch at the Peruvian and breakfast at the spectacular international buffet. What I appreciated the most was the extraordinary service and the kindness of the staff who use to raise their right hands to their heart every time they salute. I confess it was contagious as I was starting to do it myself. The sugar on top was the treat I received from my friends for my birthday, an out of this world hydrotherapy treatment at the Espa, the pluri-awarded Spa of the hotel.  That was definitely the highlight of my fabulous luxury stay at NIZUC hotel and spa.

Submitted by Isabella at Boundless Roads

Night View of Osaka
Night View of Osaka

Ritz and Japan Luxury Dining


Since I mostly travel by myself, I usually stick to a pretty tight budget when I’m on the road. I haven’t really had many luxury experiences while travelling before, but I had one night this summer that was amazing.

My dad works at the Belgian office of a Japanese company, so he had travelled to Japan for work quite often when I was younger. My sister and I always wanted to go to Japan with him, and that happened this summer. The whole family (Dad, Mom, sister and me) flew into Osaka in August and our dream trip began.

After exploring Osaka for about 4 days and taking a day trip to Kyoto, we came back to the city. Of course, since my dad travelled to Japan for work often, he had some contacts there. And so, on that particular night, we went for dinner with an Australian colleague of my dad named Michael. We went to a Chinese restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton in Osaka.

We were sat in a separate room, because Michael had brought his two daughters (who were adorable, by the way) and he didn’t want to disturb the other people dining at the restaurant.

It was the most astonishing dinner I had ever eaten. I don’t even know what half of the things I ate were, because Michael had told the waitress to surprise us. All I know is that it will probably be a while until I have dinner like that again.

Submitted by Sander at Arsurrendi

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